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a field planted with corn


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My garden is surrounded by cornfields and meadows, and beyond are great stretches of sandy heath and pine forests, and where the forests leave off the bare heath begins again; but the forests are beautiful in their lofty, pink-stemmed vastness, far overhead the crowns of softest gray-green, and underfoot a bright green wortleberry carpet, and everywhere the breathless silence; and the bare heaths are beautiful too, for one can see across them into eternity almost, and to go out on to them with one's face towards the setting sun is like going into the very presence of God.
On 15 August a Ural Airlines A321 flight U6178 took off from Moscow's Zhukovsky International Airport and while climbing at 750 feet it was hit by a flock of large birds which damaged both engines and pilot managed to land in a cornfield just near the runway.
15 (Petra)-- A Russian passenger plane has made an emergency landing in a cornfield near Moscow after striking a flock of birds.
The cold-blooded murder of the 10-year-old son of a poor labourer at Lakhan Sharif in Batapur came to the limelight when the body was found in the local cornfield. This is the third such case in a month or so in the city, according to some reports.
Roland Madarila, 27, died while being taken to a hospital in Batac City in Ilocos Norte after the motorcycle he was riding crashed into a cornfield at Barangay Bil-loca in Batac at 12:45 a.m.
Using Nashville as a model, Daniel Cornfield develops a theory of artist activism -- the ways that artist peers strengthen and build diverse artist communities Cornfield discusses how genre-diversifying artist activists have arisen throughout the late 20th-century musician migration to Nashville, a city that boasts the highest concentration of music jobs in the US.
Cornfield Group comprises Botosoft Technologies Ltd, Media Concept Ltd, Cornfield Transnational Ltd and FOAM Studio Nigeria Ltd.
Now a retired minister and former Adjunct Professor of Christian Spirituality at Baptist Theological Seminary in Richmond, in the pages of "Dinosaurs in the Cornfield: Lessons Unearthed on My Grandfather's Farm", William Hardison looks back on those summer days with nostalgic fondness and his own hard-earned wisdom.
Tomas when the gunman opened fire.Caceras and his companions managed to run and hide in a cornfield.
Her body was discovered one day later in a cornfield near 87th Street and Modaff Road.
Police discovered her ( Sunday morning in a cornfield hundreds of feet from her home in Asheboro, North Carolina.
The buck surprised me by exiting a standing cornfield about 30 yards away, apparently in haste with his nose to the ground.
SUNDAY LINTHORPE: Linedancing classes are held from 8-10pm at Middlesbrough Bowling Club, Cornfield Road costing PS3.
WORCESTER -- A Millbury man accused of assaulting three women in a remote cornfield in Sutton has been ordered held without bail after a dangerousness hearing.