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a translucent red or orange variety of chalcedony


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She redoubled her caresses to Amelia; she kissed the white cornelian necklace as she put it on; and vowed she would never, never part with it.
This cornelian must be something very precious," thought he, "or my wife would not wear it on her person with so much care.
The cornelian appeased anger, and the hyacinth provoked sleep, and the amethyst drove away the fumes of wine.
Poyser was in his Sunday suit of drab, with a red-and-green waistcoat and a green watch-ribbon having a large cornelian seal attached, pendant like a plumb-line from that promontory where his watch-pocket was situated; a silk handkerchief of a yellow tone round his neck; and excellent grey ribbed stockings, knitted by Mrs.
A product of Florence's Grand Ducal Workshops, and probably designed by Bernardino Poccetti, the top incorporates a range of costly and gloriously hued stones, from agates, amethysts, chalcedonies, cornelians and jaspers to lapis lazuli.