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deciduous European shrub or small tree having bright red fruit

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We found two iridoids--loganic acid and cornuside--in the lyophilisate of the cornelian cherries that we investigated.
has described loganic acid as a constituent of cornelian cherries (West et al.
We found a significant positive effect of cornelian cherries on triglycerides and slightly beneficial effects on cholesterol concentrations, accompanied by reduced atheromatous lesions in the aorta.
Previous in vitro studies showed the strong antioxidant capacities of cornelian cherries, although those capacities differed between the cultivars analyzed (Samec and Piljac Zegarac, 2011; Popovic et al.
Modern varieties allow cooks to bring bigger, even more flavorful cornelian cherries into the kitchen.
The appreciation of cornelian cherries was taken over from the Byzantine Empire by Turks, who today make many of the commercially available products that feature the fruit.
American cooks owe a lot to the late Jane Grigson, a British food writer who enthusiastically wrote about cornelian cherries and published a number of useful recipes.