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Synonyms for astigmatism

(ophthalmology) impaired eyesight resulting usually from irregular conformation of the cornea

(optics) defect in an optical system in which light rays from a single point fail to converge in a single focal point



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Paper Presentation: Distribution of preoperative corneal astigmatism and postoperative refractive astigmatism in a large population of patients undergoing cataract surgery in the UK, A.
In this study, we analyzed post-operative corneal astigmatism after phacoemulsification with foldable intraocular lens implantation through a clear corneal incision (CCI) and evaluated the effect of small superior, superotemporal, and superonasal CCIs on post-operative corneal astigmatism.
Precise surgical treatment of astigmatism requires not only reducing or eliminating the magnitude of the corneal astigmatism but also accurately targeting the correct axis of astigmatism.
Keratometry is an objective method of estimating the corneal astigmatism by measuring the curvature of central cornea.
Conclusion: Intralesional 5-Fluorouracil injection improved cosmesis of primary as well as recurrent pterygia, but did not have statistically significant effect on corneal astigmatism.
The effect of micro-incision and small-incision coaxial phaco-emulsification on corneal astigmatism.
Unlike conventional IOLs, the TECNIS Toric 1-Piece IOL can correct a patient's loss of focus due to pre-existing corneal astigmatism of one diopter or greater.
A total 0f 100 patients (100 eyes) having age related cataract with regular corneal astigmatism of at least 01D with out previous eye surgery and no pre existing ocular disorder or controlled systemic disease were included.
Conclusion: TE CXL is a safe and effective procedure with statistically significant reduction in corneal astigmatism, Kmax and SE with reasonable gain in Snellen's visual acuity.
If so, there would be a change in internal astigmatismthe difference between corneal astigmatism at the front of the eye and total astigmatism measured from the whole eye.
To evaluate prospectively the corneal astigmatism before and after pterygium surgery.
6,8,9) As axial curvature maps produce large, diffuse and smooth patterns with little noise, they tend to be better for visualising regular corneal astigmatism, for contact lens fitting and for estimating the general corneal curvature.
2--Mean total corneal power (TCP) and total corneal astigmatism (TCA): Measurements of the power of the anterior and posterior corneal surfaces are obtained through ray tracing rather than the Gaussian optics formula.
Objectives: To compare corneal astigmatism induced by sutured and sutureless wound closure of the main incision, after phacoemulsification, in patients attending the Eye department, Military Hospital, Rawalpindi.
A total of 125 primary eyes were implanted with the Crystalens HD in patients who had a visually significant cataract, less than 1 diopter of corneal astigmatism, and the potential for best corrected visual acuity (BCVA) of 20/25 or better in both eyes.