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a crib for storing and drying ears of corn

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The cattle panels are easy to replace and are wired to the corncrib panels.
A John Deere elevator powered by a 3 hp John Deere Model E gas engine dumped ear corn into a metal corncrib.
We know that Popeye is impotent and sociopathic; we know that she is in a corncrib littered with dry corncobs--the narrator does not divulge what Popeye does to Temple until Chapter XXVIII; even here it is largely implied.
Desperate "to be educated and cultured," as he wrote in his unpublished memoir, he started putting on plays in the corncrib at the family farm in Nebraska with Harriet, the one sibling who enjoyed his company, and arrived at international, albeit transient, fame as a young man.
Taking stylistic cues from a corncrib on the property, she used laths from the owners' dilapidated barn to make walls that shelter the south-facing kitchen from the sun.
The next fine day they sat on a blanket in the field and shucked the corn with little blades strapped to their hands, throwing the yellow ears into baskets to be picked up later and put in the corncrib for chicken feed.
On his way, he noticed that the pigs hadn't been slopped, so he went to the corncrib, where he found some sacks.
3) It had deteriorated to the point that it was no longer useful as a corncrib.
They include aspects of painting the corncrib, buying a loaf of bread, and kissing behind a tree.
Driving the team from the field to the corncrib gives the body time to rest.
Thus Temple's encounter with Red places her in the same position of victimhood she occupied in the corncrib with Popeye: as a corpse or a dying fish, Temple's role remains utterly passive.
ladder up against the side of a half-filled, wire-sided corncrib and
double-log cabin, several smaller cabins, stables, and a corncrib.
He made Uncle Billy take Dutch's knife away from him; poor Uncle Billy had to whip Dutch, out behind the corncrib, and then take him into the house for Aunt Jennie to read the Bible to him.