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crisp flake made from corn

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After bizarre theories about Corn Flakes began to swirl online, fact-checking resourceSnopes.comdecided to do a little digging.
To find out more visit Kellogg' llogg's CORN Flakes have been crowned the undisputed king of cornflakesby an independent blitaste test conducted by consumer champion Which ich?.
"Having eaten Kellogg's cereal since I was a kid, I'm very excited to be featured on boxes of Corn Flakes and Frosted Mini-Wheats this winter," said Ligety.
"The authorities concerned in Qatar conducted some sampling of our Corn Flakes products and we have been given to understand that they found unusual odour in them.
The 'Largest Cereal Breakfast Attendance' will take place from 8am-10am, during which breakfasters will be served with a bowl of Corn Flakes.
Shredded wheat If you want an alternative to corn flakes, try this.
( The New York Post reported the Corn Flakes box cover is just one in a series of endorsement deals that could net the gymnast more than $100 million.
The popularity of Mr Kellogg's new 'Corn Flakes' cereal, discovered almost by accident in 1876, encouraged him to set up the Kellogg company, now the most successful cereal manufacturer in the world.
Crownfield Corn Flakes These were really nice - they were light and crispy and still weren't soggy even when I reached the bottom of the bowl.
For example: "That's the way the corn flakes." Complete the wacky sentences by matching the "way" words in Column A to the verbs in Column B.
Kellogg's has been criticised for a Corn Flakes commercial which said eating breakfast cereal made children more alert.
A cardiff student landed a pounds 100,000 scratchcard windfall - after popping out for corn flakes.
Corn flakes have been our staple breakfast fare for more than a century.
Corn flakes with chocolate frosting on them (I wouldn't recommend it)