corn borer moth

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This means that the evolution of bat defense to sexual communication has gone one step further with the Japanese lichen moth: It has developed a specific recognizable mating signal, while the Asian corn borer moth does not distinguish between sounds from a bat and a courting male.
2010a): "Ultrasonic courtship songs of male Asian corn borer moths assist copulation attempts by making the females motionless", Physiological Entomology, vol.
The European corn borer moth, a billion-dollar crop pest attacking over 200 plant species, illustrates the system's sophistication.
One is the corn borer moth larva, shown in the photo below, left.
Female corn borer moths lay clusters of eggs on corn leaves, usually on the undersides.
They said Midwestern states that planted corn genetically modified to make a toxin that fights off European corn borer moths has dramatically cut the $1 billion in annual losses from the pest, even preserving crops that have not been altered.