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solid swollen underground bulb-shaped stem or stem base and serving as a reproductive structure

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It does prefer dry summers, as do most bulbs and corms, but will comfortably settle for soil with excellent drainage.
She was quiet around most people, smarter than I was when I was her age, smarter than anyone I knew was at her age, save my old friend Corm Cavender.
These purple-blossomed corms are available for pre-order in spring, purchased and shipped in fall, and planted in September within the Northern hemisphere.
5 May 2017 - US-based carbon monoxide therapies developer Proterris, Inc and Portuguese Carbon Monoxide-Releasing Molecules (CORMs) therapies developer Alfama, Inc.
Since only few studies are focusing on the role of CO, along with biliverdin, bilirubin, iron, and ferritin, in carcinogenesis [8], this review aims to elucidate the role of this gasotransmitter in the form of CORMs, in tumorigenesis, along with angiogenesis and metastatic progression.
(2014), studying gladiolus as a function of N fertilization and corm diameter, observed that, in general, large corms promoted higher number and length of leaves, with low response to fertilization, while small corms were the most benefited by N fertilization, probably due to the lower reserve of nutrients.
Tarom accession had the higher harvesting index, number of leaves, corm diameter, neck diameter to corm diameter ratio, cormlet weight and corm dry matter and the lowest corm height and number of cormlet while the highest total yield and neck diameter was obtained from Hamedan and Langroud accessions respectively (Table 6).
Translated into English and Arabic for the first time, the essay forms the curatorial basis of the AUBAG show's exploration of Corm's aesthetic position.
Place in the sun to cure (dry), then shake off any clinging soil, break off the old corm, and store in paper bag (never plastic) in a frost-free location over winter.
NNA - 16/6/2011- "Change and Reform" parliamentary bloc member, General Michel Aoun, received Thursday at his residence in Rabiya former Minister George Corm who congratulated him on the formation of the cabinet which "bears his (Michel Aoun) touches and has a strong reform approach." Following the meeting, Corm said that discussions tackled the necessary positions which need reform in this cabinet as well as the difficult regional situation.
The genus Crocus is well adapted to such conditions, the plants being in active growth from autumn to late spring and surviving the summer drought below ground by means of a compact corm. Many species commence their above-ground growth at the onset of autumn rains and flower almost immediately; some of these produce their leaves and flowers concurrently, or nearly so, while others bloom without leaves and delay their leaf production until the onset of warmer weather, usually in spring.
The Lebanese economist and historian Corm has written a timely book contributing to our understanding of a Middle East which is marked by complexities and conflicts.