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solid swollen underground bulb-shaped stem or stem base and serving as a reproductive structure

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You can also use a dibble to punch 3-inch-deep planting holes in the loosened soil of your saffron bed, dropping a single corm in each hole.
She was quiet around most people, smarter than I was when I was her age, smarter than anyone I knew was at her age, save my old friend Corm Cavender.
I'm currently cultivating corms to naturalize on our nonprofit farming project in Zambia, but we'll also have to establish trade with richer nations such as South Africa, or the Zambians won't make any profit.
The company has produced hundreds of CORMs and obtained exceptional results in various animal models of chronic and acute human diseases.
2014), studying gladiolus as a function of N fertilization and corm diameter, observed that, in general, large corms promoted higher number and length of leaves, with low response to fertilization, while small corms were the most benefited by N fertilization, probably due to the lower reserve of nutrients.
New corms are produced on top of the old corm with goodness derived both from the old corm and the leaves, which increase after flowering and contribute nutrients as they die down.
There are also significant differences between local accession on total yield, plant weight, harvesting index, corm weight, number of cormlet, antioxidant capacity, flavonoids and P content (Table 6).
The son of Daoud Corm, arguably Lebanon's first independent professional painter, Georges Daoud Corm (b.
Place in the sun to cure (dry), then shake off any clinging soil, break off the old corm, and store in paper bag (never plastic) in a frost-free location over winter.
10,11] successfully regenerated callus and intact plantlets from corm explants.
The Lebanese economist and historian Corm has written a timely book contributing to our understanding of a Middle East which is marked by complexities and conflicts.
By using this geographical orientation, Corm attempts (largely successfully) to break free from the religion-oriented analyses of the region, instead focusing on topics such as the failure of the Middle East to modernize during the 18th and 19th centuries, and why the current politics of the region are characterized by division and conflict.
Then the corm can be stored in a dry frost-free shed or greenhouse, until ready for repotting next year as soon as the corm starts sprouting.
This hardy corm flowers on two- to four-foot-tall stems and has sword-shaped foliage.