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Synonyms for corky

displaying light-hearted nonchalance

Synonyms for corky

(of wine) tainted in flavor by a cork containing excess tannin


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Rescued by a UK charity - and a student from Mirfield - Corky has now been found a new home - with the family of football ace Jamie Redknapp and pop star wife Louise.
Though good looking, Corky -- a Jura hound cross -- was described as a nervous dog who needed patience and consistency to help him adapt to a new life, and Eve knew he would be the hardest of the lot to rehome.
The espionage author appeared in a cameo role, ordering a lobster salad in a Spanish restaurant, much to the disgust of Corky.
The other distinguished and generous businesses that have joined Corky Kouture[TM] for this special holiday giveaway include: Deana Marshall and Michelle Castillo from ArticleWriteUp.
The pub, part of the Sizzling chain, is built on the site of a 17th century hanging ground, sparking speculation that Corky may be the ghost of someone who died there years ago.
It was quite emotional, not only for Corky and his wife Diane but for myself.
Corky said he knew the enemy could easily have shot him down.
Corky, now living in Houston, Texas, said: "Their relationship wasn't in the same league as Derek and Cheryl's.
The ROV, dubbed Corky, weighs about 140 pounds by itself and carries a 60-pound battery.
When Corky went on leave, readers immediately began calling and e-mailing me from everywhere wanting to know, 'Where's Corky?
Corky also received NAI's President's Award during the 2008 NAI National Workshop in Portland.
Sian, a Hollywood actress, says Kristina went berserk after discovering she had been staying with former world ballroom champion Corky Ballas, Kristina's lover of three years.
Burke, who played the role of Corky on the popular television series "Life Goes On," continues to be an advocate on behalf of adults living with developmental disabilities.
Corky shares every milestone with Mike and they secretly agree on a Forever Plan: to be best friends forever.