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Synonyms for corky

displaying light-hearted nonchalance

Synonyms for corky

(of wine) tainted in flavor by a cork containing excess tannin


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Corky founded Tri-County Chemical of Eldorado in 1956, a local provider of precision fertility solutions, which continues to operate as a family-owned business.
Just days before Shirley, 58, started her new PS250,000 Strictly job, Corky gave an interview describing their tempestuous relationship's dail rows and bust-ups.
The other distinguished and generous businesses that have joined Corky Kouture[TM] for this special holiday giveaway include: Deana Marshall and Michelle Castillo from; Irene Woodbury from; Sulay Renee' from; Rhonda Winston from and; Jessica Groover from; Aimee Biondolillo from; Kelley Lang from Avon, Wildtree, and Norwex; Nancy Ravanelli from; Azalea McKinney from; Tiffany Coble from; Shasha Lynn from; Joan Barlow from; and Wendy Tanner from
LEFT: Milkshake's Bottle Top Bill and Corky. RIGHT: Micky Adams and Alan Cork.
Brijal Patel, a senior at Kell and executive director of Kell Robotics, told us that Corky is largely made of parts recycled from old robotics kits used in FIRST competitions.
"Corky was a Star-Bulletin treasure," Editor Frank Bridgewater said in a Web report on Trinidad's death.
Longtime NAI member and supporter Charles "Corky"Mayo, National Park Service Washington Support Office chief of interpretation and education, received the highest recognition given by the NPS for interpretation and education.
Corky Meyer's Flight Journal: Dodging Disasters--Just in Time by Corwin H.
The bond between Mike and Corky, his beloved dog, is very strong.
The dogs are 14-month-old Staffordshire cross Benji, 15-month-old Labrador Collie cross Corky, three-year-old cross Robbie and one-year-old German Shepherd Kai.
Nancy Drew Emma Roberts Corky Josh Flitter Ned Nickerson Max Thieriot Jane Brighton Rachael Leigh Cook Carson Drew Tate Donovan Dashiel Biedermeyer Barry Bostwick Dehlia Draycott Laura Elena Harring Inga Daniella Monet Trish Kelly Vitz Leshing Marshall Bell A beloved literary sleuth makes a go at bigscreen crime-solving in "Nancy Drew." Purportedly an attempt to modernize the young detective's adventures for a new generation of tweens, the pic instead serves up stale mystery-movie cliches and overcooked red herrings in a thoroughly wooden adaptation.
Left Rear: AI Clarkson (docent), Kathy Patterson Right Rear: Mary McDougall, Alison Agnew, Kathy Agar, Erin Agar Front: Corky Agnew, Connie Agnew, Bonnie Mooney, Doris Willoughby, Lyn Murison.
A THE show, which ran for two seasons from 1956-58, featured the tale of a young lad, Corky, who is adopted by circus owner Big Tim Champion after his parents are killed.
There's more ahead in the battle against corky root, too.