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a heat-insulating building material consisting of cork granules that are made into sheets by compressing and baking

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But it won't be something a dad could pin to his cubicle corkboard, and that's a little sad.
Because fixation in formaldehyde may cause marked irregular and distorted contraction of the specimen, it is preferable to extend the entire esophagus specimen and pin it to a corkboard or Styrofoam.
Most of the sets are covered by a corkboard drop ceiling, which means no overhead lighting.
ClickPress, Mon Jun 29 2015] DenVog today unveiled Index Card 4, the biggest update since the original release of the top-selling corkboard writing app for iPad.
An 18 x 36 inch corkboard covered by a rendering of the capillary helps students visualize what occurs at the cellular level when a patient experiences fluid volume excess of deficit.
They looked at nearly 300,000 jobs posted in the most recent quarter and found that "Pinterest,'' a social networking site where you pin items of interest onto your own virtual corkboard, is becoming more essential than Twitter and Facebook.
On some level, all history must function as a rhetorical art, lest it be presented as a jumbled collection of random butterfly wings pinned to the corkboard in inexplicable patterns.
The index card system underlying Corkboard is an example of the metaphors recognised by Adam Ganz (2011) when computers first became available for mass consumption: 'Interface design was no longer dealing with ergonomics but with metaphors.
Notice Corkboard Pick one of the 10 notice board board Velcro hook plans.
Sims likens gamification to posting an employee of the month photo on the corkboard in the break room.
and tangled itself in knots regarding universes ending and being reborn, getting married to someone travelling in the opposite direction in time, and entering his own timeline (at the site of his own tomb) and meeting other Doctors from his past, to the extent that the only way to fully visualise the plot would involve a massive corkboard, coloured string and lots of pins.
My dad covered the walls of my bedroom with corkboard so I could pin up all the Smash Hits pictures and song words.
The kind my father has used for years to post and organize his most recent thoughts on a corkboard propped behind his writing desk.
A corkboard is also a good idea and can be used to display your children's work and pictures.
The inside features bright colours and large shapes with a whiteboard, chalkboard and corkboard for artists to display their talents and a fantastic climbing wall for aspiring gymnasts.