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the deep vascular inner layer of the skin

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To analyze the results, T-test was used to compare two means, and analysis of variance (ANOVA) was used to compare the measure of the epidermal papillae of the thoracic limb, pelvic limb, the coronary corium and laminar corium of the abaxial wall and sole at a 5 % significance level, according to Sampaio (2010).
In the analyzed animals, greater stratification and papillae number were observed in the coronary corium, the laminar corium of the abaxial wall and sole respectively.
Histological analysis of the laminar corium epithelium showed that the keratinocytes from the horn layer are full of keratin (first product of keratinization) and arranged concentrically to form the corneal tubules.
Computerized light microscopy indicated that the corneal tubules of the dorsal and abaxial wall of the hoof capsule of buffalo hooves begin at the coronary corium and project from proximal to distal, following the same growth direction of the hoof, up to the white line.
Mayne Pharma's chief executive officer Scott Richards said, "We are very pleased to have partnered with Corium on another complex and difficult-to-develop and manufacture product.
According to Corium, it has drawn down the additional USD10m of principal available from this debt facility to support the advancement of its product development programmes and proprietary technologies as well as strengthened its ability to advance its programmes toward multiple clinical milestones through 2017.
This mechanical "dipping" system is proprietary to Corium and provides a high-strength facade that offers a level of design flexibility difficult to attain with hand laid bricks.
Corium suits a wide range of substrates, including tight-gauge steel framing, concrete, structural steel, masonry, wood frame, continuous insulation systems, and insulated metal panels.
The Corium Cladding System has passed testing for AAMA 501.
Shortly after the North American launch, Telling Architectural entered into a partnership with Knight Wall Systems to jointly market Corium Cladding in conjunction with the latter company's continuous insulation and mineral-fiber rainscreen facade system.
Greenwood, Executive Chairman said, We greatly appreciate Dan Welch's long-tenured commitment and exceptional leadership as a Corium Board member over key stages of our growth.
Confirmation stabilization strategy corium inside the reactor vessel (RPV) for the WWER 1000/320 by experiments, confirming the possibility of passive cooling of the outer surface of TNR to ensure that provision to the critical heat flux.