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either of two Welsh breeds of long-bodied short-legged dogs with erect ears and a fox-like head

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The Corgis are said to have an extensive menu at the Palace which includes fresh rabbit and beef, served by a gourmet chef.
Only 274 Pembroke Welsh corgi puppies were registered in the UK last year, down 16 per cent on 2013.
Only 274 Pembroke Welsh corgi pups were registered in the UK last year, down 16 per cent on 2013.
The Royal Family have kept corgis since 1933, when the future King George VI bought one.
According to the report, Roberts, 77, who advises the Queen on horses and corgis, has reportedly offered her a corgi puppy to carry on the tradition.
Joy, who has bred corgis since 1989 and has eight of her own, isn't surprised Her Majesty fell in love with the breed.
Joy, who has bred corgis since 1989, welcomes the newfound fame, but worries about the motives of buyers.
One man turned around and said it was time to get the corgi.
As the Princess Royal made the short walk from Sandringham House to St Mary Magdalene Church with other members of the Royal Family yesterday, one of the first members of the public she passed was 62-year-old Trevor Marshall, of Gedney, Lincolnshire, who had brought with him his two pet Pembroke corgis called Quasi and Clare.
Anne arrived with Dotty, short for Dorothy, on Monday and as the door was opened by a servant the Queen's corgi raced down to greet her, reports said.
But it has been a mystery how the diddy dachshunds manage to reach the heights of ecstasy with the bigger royal corgis.
He said later: ``I would not let my corgis, which are the same type of corgis as the Queen's, play around bull terriers.
THE Queen is expected to look after the Queen Mother's beloved corgis.
But first she indulged her lifelong interest and met seven corgis and their owners.