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either of two Welsh breeds of long-bodied short-legged dogs with erect ears and a fox-like head

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Robson said that Corgis are regarded as an older person's dog since the breed is the queen's favorite.
But the Queen is said to be no longer introducing new pets or breeding corgis because she does not want to leave any behind when she dies.
The irony with your situation is that you had a policy that would have covered this situation but you chose to switch to Corgi because their policy was slightly cheaper.
Joy, who has bred corgis since 1989, welcomes the newfound fame, but worries about the motives of buyers.
Sian is one of three Cardigan corgis that help round up livestock on Mr Morgans' farm
As a special move, the Queen jumps on the Corgi and takes control of it - making it crash into a wall
In addition to the Corgi brand - still probably best known for its replica of the James Bond Aston Martin DB5 from the film Gold-finger - Hornby now boasts Scalextric, Airfix and Humbrol paints.
Today them a jority of Corgi cars, trucks and buses are produced as limited editions and are often sold out withinweeks.
She was given the Contribution to Gas Safety award in front of over 700 gas industry representatives at the Corgi Awards at The Ricoh Arena in Coventry .
Stephen Hogg, of Lauderdale Drive, Guisborough, pleaded guilty at Guisborough Magistrates on Monday to four offences under the Trade Descriptions Act after claiming to be CORGI-registered with a logo on his van, stating he was a CORGI-registered engineer on business cards and putting a CORGI registration number on warranties.
The brick has been in use since 1971 when the Queen's corgi bitch Tiny had seven puppies, fathered by Margaret's dachshund, Pipkin.
The necklaces by jeweller Alex Monroe pay tribute to the Queen's pets and feature a corgi from the side with its tongue hanging out.
Mr Roberts, 80, after whom the Queen apparently named one corgi, told Vanity Fair he had urged her to breed more dogs in 2012.