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The frequent expression of coreferential subjects not justified by another favoring factor (e.
It is because the text topicalises Segolene Royal that one is able to interpret such anaphora as coreferential with the initial term.
But recall the pronouns in (GP'), along with the supposition that they are coreferential.
Hence the whole NP functions as any other obligatory argument of the predicate in the main clause and, therefore, it has a coreferential morpheme on the verb.
Coreferential singular terms designate the same thing in every possible world.
The relationship between overall reading comprehension and comprehension of coreferential ties for second language readers of English, TESOL Quarterly, 24(2), 267-292.
That is, 'Coriscus-in-the-Lyceum' and 'pale-Coriscus' may indeed be coreferential, and also 'Coriscus-in-the-market-place' and 'tan-Coriscus'.
This is reflected in Dik's notation of restrictors, which accordingly are endocentric predications, crucially predicating properties over an argument coreferential with their superset, rather than over some other entity.
5) Although ellipsis of a coreferential subject is one of the most reliable subjecthood tests in conjoined sentences, it does not give the same results even in closely related languages like German and Icelandic.
De ese modo la referencia literaria se ubica en lo que Anna Whiteside llama "the reader's interpretational strategies" y los 'Parallel complex coreferential systems, which constitute both a tentative interpretation and a means to interpretation" (1987: 201).
iia to have hispitches as the subject of hard to hit and would convert that to him hard to hit, with the him then being subject to control of the usual sort via its relation to the coreferential main clause subject, rendering it invisible.
Apposition as juxtaposition of coreferential NPs: Fries (1952), Roberts (1966), Bogacky (1973).
3) The claim here is that although 'Hesperus' and 'Phosphorus' are coreferential terms they cannot be substituted salva veritate for one another in propositional attitude reports.
246) Concerning the Smith/Jones example, however--in the context of the propositional attitudes--there is a failure of substitutivity of the seemingly coreferential terms Jones and a judge.
In all cases the NP which contains the head in the main clause is fronted, and the coreferential NP in the relative clause may optionally be fronted (p.