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the grammatical relation between two words that have a common referent

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8]) will receive a very high coreference score since it is nearby and maps to the same ontological concept.
For instance, in the syntax, appositional coreference typically holds between functional categories, as in the fact (that) the wall collapsed; while in (16) and (17) the apposition relates two contentive categories.
Based on the coreference concept, different transformations may be introduced.
Since reflexive constructions typically involve coreference between the subject and another argument, the reflexive morpheme need not to be overtly marked with a pronoun indexing the subject, as shown in (7a) and (7b).
El proceso para detectar este tipo de problemas se conoce como record linkage en el area de la estadistica; database hardening en el area de la inteligencia artificial; merge-purge, data deduplication o instance identification en el area de las bases de datos; otros nombres como coreference resolution y duplicate record detection tambien se usan con frecuencia.
It contains modules for Named Entity Recognition, coreference resolution, concept discovery, discourse reasoning and attribute value extraction [11];
Coreference processing and levels of analysis in object-relative constructions: Demonstration of antecedent reactivation with the cross-modal priming paradigm.
While critics have long recognized that co-reference choice may be varied for creative purposes, the discussion has not proceeded very far beyond the idea that there is a distinction between those authors who prefer the use of stable coreference and those who elegantly vary their choices.
Their syntactic structure, argument realization and coreference patterns, and semantic type or meaning are not predicted by the categorial, combinatorial and semantic properties of the nouns heading them.
The verb stal 'stole' does have an explicit subject NP, and it carries the same coreference tag.
The inclusory comitative with the contact position is accompanied by some other properties of the coordinating construction: impossibility of the possessive reflexive pronoun oma 'one's own' to mark the coreference of the attribute of the comitative constituent with the primary constituent (27), impossibility of the separate pronominalization of the comitative constituent (28), possibility to use cognitive verbs (29).
Coreference, modality, and focus; studies on the syntax-semantics interface.
We will also investigate using coreference information such as pronouns (he, she etc.