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When we arrived in the marsh, tussocks of cordgrass and black need-lerush poked up here and there from the glassy water.
Teams of three to eight individuals walked marshes to locate sparrows and erected nets adjacent to patches of high cordgrass, black needlerush or salt bush that represented conspicuous sources of cover.
This is a planting project that will introduce Sand Cordgrass to a portion of Lake Apopka North Shore Restoration Area (NSRA), enabling District staff to utilize and promote fire-adapted land management.
The organic matter found in sediment comes mainly from the degradation of species of the cordgrass Spartina and from some protein-rich items such as small crustaceans, polychaetes, and nematodes (Botto et al.
Casler is also helping to establish plots in the north-central states for studying switchgrass, big bluegrass, indiangrass, and prairie cordgrass.
The low marsh areas were seeded with smooth cordgrass, which acts as a natural anchor for marsh sediment and can tolerate salt and low tides.
Smooth cordgrass (Spartina alterniflora) and gulf cordgrass (Spartina spartinae) are dominant aquatic macrophytes of the salt marsh.
The water stirs up sediments and provides nutrients for algae and plants such as smooth cordgrass (Spartina alterniflora).
assessing the efficacy of cordgrass, and switchgrass for ethanol production (an ingestor issue);
Shoots of black needle rush, smooth cordgrass and the propagules of red mangroves are popping up in eastern Sarasota County.
It's conspicuous in the prairie as a very productive forb in a tallgrass prairie where you have your major grasses such as big bluestem, switchgrass and prairie cordgrass," Boe said.
Watch a great egret, its wings spanning 5 feet, descending into the cordgrass on the rippling waters.
Behind us were the mighty cliffs fringed by clumps of cordgrass.
Ecological risk assessment of the proposed use of the herbicide imazapyr to control invasive cordgrass (Spartina spp.