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of red tinged with coral

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The coral-red fluorescence seen under the Wood's lamp is due to porphyrins produced by Corynebacterium minutissimum.
Caption: FIGURE 2 Wood's lamp reveals coral-red fluorescence
The most spectacular: Brilliant coral-red leaves fade to greenish pink in summer and develop only a little color in fall.
One's had no fewer than 19 different coloured tickets: blue, salmon, brown, grey, mint, rose, white, aquamarine, chamois, sky- blue, lilac, dayglow green, dayglow yellow, vanilla, orange, sea-blue, sunrise, buttercup- yellow, coral-red.
The range of the northern red-bellied cooters, named for their coral-red underbellies, has expanded beyond Plymouth to include Carver, Lakeville and Middleboro.
Red varieties of astilbe such as ' Feuer' will give you coral-red flowers to September, above delicate feathery plumes.
Red varieties of astilbe such as `Feuer' will give you coral-red flowers to September, above delicate, feathery plumes.
On Tuesday Christie's in their London sale rooms will be selling a pair of 18-century large punchbowls sent in by a private collector, where a group of boys painted in the famille-verte palette is set in a wonderful way against a coral-red background overlaid with gilt designs representing a garden fence.
A powder-cream foundation tones down freckles, then a revved-up coral-red emphasises her apple-like cheekbones.
triangularis); "Maid of Orleans'; ivory; "Pfitzeri' (also known as "Wayside Flame'), a late bloomer with deep red-orange flowers; "Primrose Beauty', clear yellow; "Springtime', a common hybrid with flowers a vivid coral-red on top and ivory below; and "Vanilla', an early bloomer, with dainty pale yellow flowers.
For something brighter, seek out Aquilegia formosa, which has dazzling coral-red spurs and yellow petals.
On her lips, a slick of gloss followed by a coat of vibrant coral-red lipstick really lit up her features.
The species holds a Royal Horticultural Society award of garden merit and this variety has an extra quality - sage green leaves with white edges, to go with the lovely clusters of coral-red flowers.
Earlier in the year - about July - it produces plenty of yellow flowers, followed by masses of coral-red berries.