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If you have not pruned your South African coral tree (Erythrina caffra) during the past year, now is the time.
Dive talkin' A ten-night Queensland holiday until the end of June with a five-day dive course starts at pounds 1,226 per person including flights, five nights at the Coral Tree Inn, Cairns, and five nights at the Portsea Hotel in Port Douglas, as well as a one-day cruise to the outer reef.
au, or Mrs P Thomson, 4 Coral Tree Court, Robina, Qld, Australia 4226
As part of the grant, more than six hectares of Oxford Creek in the Narrabeen Lagoon Catchment will undergo removal of noxious and aquatic weeds including the Bidens, Cotton Bush, Crofton, Ludwigia, Turkey Rhubarb, Morning Glory, Lantana, Privet, Bamboo, Wild tobacco, Tradescantia, Watsonia, Moth vine, Honeysuckle vine, Madeira vine, Cassia, Coral tree, Blackberry, Asparagus fern, Ginger lily, Pampas grass.
com)-- Comoncy, a new cafe concept in Beverly Hills owned and operated by Coral Tree Cafe, will be hosting its official grand opening celebration to benefit the charity Lynne Cohen Foundation (LCF) on Wednesday, April 16th, 2014 from 12:00pm to 2:00pm.
A grove of tall tipu trees (Tipuana tipu) and a multitrunked naked coral tree (Erythrina coralloides) counter the strong horizontals of the roof and garden walls.
Time for a quick cup of coffee from Coral Tree Express, then on to the Apple store.
Participants in this year's event include: Baja Fresh; Bel Air Bar & Grill; Boba World; Chalk Hill Winery; Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf; Compartes Chocolate; Coral Tree Cafe; Chef Eric's Culinary Classroom; Daily Grill; Gorgeous Gazpacho; Hamburger Hamlet; Jamba Juice; L.
com)-- Coral Tree Cafe Brentwood and Encino were recently certified as 2 Star Certified Green Restaurants[R] by the Green Restaurant Association (GRA), a national nonprofit organization helping restaurants to become more environmentally sustainable.
A 25-foot-long "fence" of bamboo adds privacy, while an enormous coral tree and drought-tolerant Mediterranean plants soften the sharpness of the structure.
Under the CAP program, Coral Tree is responsible for developing and maintaining World Wide Web sites for AT&T clients.
In the food court, Coral Tree Cafe will have an express station offering its restaurant menu, sans the nightly special.
Celebrity sightings are common at these spots, as well as at the Coral Tree Cafe, an organic restaurant that proves what's good for you can taste good too.
2 -- 5 -- color) Clockwise from left, Verbena bonariensis flowers, commonly known as verbenas; Persicaria's bright red stems are a part of the garden's natural flourish; a coral tree shades a portion of the garden; and verbenas provide a natural foil to the metallic overtures of the Disney Hall's sculpted curves.
The former Cha Cha Cha building in Encino is bustling once again, now as the Coral Tree Cafe.