coral root

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a wildflower of the genus Corallorhiza growing from a hard mass of rhizomes associated with a fungus that aids in absorbing nutrients from the forest floor

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Society director James Littlewood said: "This is a major concern for our native plants, in particular the coral root orchids."
Presenters Chris Packham and Martin Hughes-Games studied Noctule Bats and Coral Root Orchid at the reserve when they visited last month.
TV presenters Chris Packham and Martin Hughes-Games from BBC Springwatch visited the reserve in May, filming coral root orchid and a roost of 70 noctule bats heading out for the night.
The coral root orchid should be in full flower for the event..With its unique location, Lindisfarne is home to a variety of fascinating wildlife
The Coral Roots & Echoes (Deltasonic) Rating **
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