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Synonyms for coral

a variable color averaging a deep pink

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the hard stony skeleton of a Mediterranean coral that has a delicate red or pink color and is used for jewelry

unfertilized lobster roe

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marine colonial polyp characterized by a calcareous skeleton

of a strong pink to yellowish-pink color

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Restoring a single coral or a small reef system is not an easy process, each coral has to be placed manually on the ocean bed by divers and this process is painstakingly slow compared to the rate of their disappearance.
In 2003, the hard coral cover was below five per cent.
A team of researchers examined the genetics of a widespread coral to understand how corals survive extreme sea temperatures of 36 degrees Celsius or higher in the Arabian Gulf, making them more heat tolerant than any other corals on the planet.
Abu Dhabi: Research undertaken by scientists at New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) will help provide new insight into how coral reefs around the world will be able to cope with climate change, the university announced on Thursday.
The team also simulated deep water light environments in their experimental coral aquarium and found that brightly red fluorescent corals had a better chance of survival in the long run compared to their non-pigmented counterparts.
That this symbiotic relationship arose during a time of massive worldwide coral-reef expansion suggests that the interconnection of algae and coral is crucial for the health of coral reefs, which provide habitat for roughly one-fourth of all marine life.
We're exploring in waters off the Beach House, a small retreat on Fiji's famous Coral Coast.
A third diver planted a coral fragment beside the nails, aided by a fourth diver who fastened it to the nails using a zip tie.
Warmer water isn't the only problem coral reefs face.
Calcium carbonate skeletons represent generations of tiny invertebrate animals, covered in a living layer of colorful coral polyps.
When coral is stressed by changing environmental conditions, it expels the symbiotic algae that live within it and the animal turns white or bright yellow, a process called bleaching, said Ruth Gates, director of the Institute of Marine Biology at the University of Hawaii.
28 July 2015 - UK betting companies Ladbrokes plc and Gala Coral Group Ltd.
Hundreds of volunteers--including combat-wounded veterans, students and the families of fallen soldiers--are helping Mote Marine Lab and the Coral Restoration Foundation grow reef-building corals on "trees" made of PVC and fiberglass that look something like old-fashioned TV antennas.
Joe Pollock, a PhD candidate, said that Corals require both light and food to survive and unfortunately, dredging impacts corals on two fronts; increased turbidity means less light for photosynthesis, while increased levels of sediment falling onto the coral can interfere with their ability to feed
Coral reefs occur within relatively narrow limits of their physical environment in terms of temperature, salinity, light, nutrients, and bathymetry (Kleypas et al.