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a small rounded boat made of hides stretched over a wicker frame

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The Ironbridge Coracle Project will halt the decline of the Rogers' family shed in the gorge, and support the creation of a coracle trail through Ironbridge.
Emily's third album Coracle has been gathering momentum since its release in June, along with a wave of glowing reviews.
The coracle - linked to the Gaelic word currach - is not unique to Shropshire, of course.
Finkel, an expert in deciphering ancient cuneiform script, discovered the text contained instructions for building a round coracle 65 metres in diameter, with walls six metres high.
4 CORACLE MAKING, SOUTH WALES from PS256pp for three nights THE coracle is a small ancient boat design which has been used for thousands of years.
It tells the story of the origins of the professional game and features historic items including Sir Alf Ramsey's Division One, Two and Three winner's medals from his time as manager at Ipswich Town and the coracle used by Shrewsbury Town for more than 40 years to rescue balls from the River WING Stanley Severn next to their old Gay Meadow ground.
Draw the waters in one rhythmic motion--not faster, not slower--just the same tempo as the others in the coracle. This while opening all the senses to the bounty around.
Dot and Kathleen eventually managed to trace relatives who still live in Northumberland, and finally narrowed down their search to a cottage called The Coracle.
The Atlanta Review, The Bellowing Ark, Blue Unicorn, Coracle, The Deronda Review, The Eclectic Muse (Canada), The Lyric, Modern Haiku, The Neovictorian, Poetry Flash?
Iolo explores a hidden gorge in Snowdonia, kayaks the River Wye and has a go at coracle fishing, the oldest river pastime in Wales, on the River Teifi.
Coracle Challenge: Competitors must build a cardboard coracle and race four lengths of the pond sited at the nearby Custard Factory complex.
Here, we had an option of coracle or a motorboat ride.
Enjoy everything from beekeeping and bodging to wood carving, spinning, coracle making and a blacksmiths competition to name but a few.