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a double-reed woodwind instrument similar to an oboe but lower in pitch

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The wonderfully atmospheric In the Steppes of Central Asia shimmered into barely perceptible life, with its two contrasted themes elegantly played by Colin Honour's clarinet and Robert Ashworth's horn in one case, Lowe's cor anglais in the other.
In four movements, the symphony begins with a quiet opening and the chimes of the Westminster Tower (recently renamed the Queen Elizabeth Tower) sounding faintly on the strings of the harp, and progresses through quiet themes led by the cor anglais, flute, trumpet and viola to a lively scherzo and a march theme played by the full orchestra in the finale.
5) The cor anglais is in which sector of the orchestra?
Rising scales in the strings, horns, oboes, and cor anglais precede the choral entry.
Notable was Small's chat with the cor anglais and, perhaps somewhat bizarrely, the tuba.
96) is in fact the shepherd's pipe, a cor anglais not a true horn, from Tristan and Isolde (does anyone still use that old-fashioned Anglicization?).
Branquinho has provided this lonely creature with ascetic items like cassocks and thermals to get her through the Warsaw winter practicing her cor anglais. Just like the heroines of her compatriot Chantal Akerman, women in Branquinho's clothes are empowered through a subtle, underdetermined parody of the feminine archetype.
Thus the musical saw has an equal right to inclusion in the gallery as the cor anglais.
It is sung in English by a three-member cast, each performing multiple roles, and scored for cor anglais, guitar, percussion, and harmonium (played by the composer, who also wrote the libretto).
Christine Rice's Marguerite was no winsome maiden but a passionate woman bewildered by erotic entrancement, her anguish in D'amour l'ardente flamme devastatingly tender, mirrored by Rachael Pankhurst's cor anglais. Joshua Bloom was not a bitingly sardonic Mephistopheles but a smiling hail-fellow-well-met with a heart of darkness - a big voice used to terrifying effect in the Ride to the Abyss.
The swan is portrayed by the cor anglais, with Rachael Pankhurst perfectly catching the sadness and loneliness of the bird's flight.
We also had fine contributions from horns, flutes, oboes, cor anglais and bassoons, while the strings were fully equal to the rapid passage work, especially as the symphony reached its climax.
For that piece Mr Vizzutti was joined by Sarah-Jayne Porsmoguer principal cor anglais with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales.