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Synonyms for coquettishly

in a flirtatious manner

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The shirt, open coquettishly to the navel, revealed a hairless chest and a silver crucifix; the shirt was covered with round, paper-thin wafers, red and green and orange and yellow and blue, which stormed in the light and made one feel that the mummy might, at any moment, disappear in flame.
Al-Mutayyam declares his passion, al-Yutayyim coquettishly resists, and the two join in singing romantic duets, somewhat in the manner of much later European operas.
They stand facing each other on stage, and Desdemona, who is wearing on her ears two pairs of bright red, pulpy cherries, coquettishly swings them while smiling at Othello.
Well, not so much up as coquettishly half-raised, in the manner of a flirtatious Can-Can dancer, offering a glimpse to any passers by (which there aren't many thankfully) of the wares arrayed enticingly within.
Flanked by her trusty henchmen, keyboard player H Hawkline, drummer Andy Fung and Baboo, she appeared to be the high priestess of glacial posturing - peeking out coquettishly from beneath her asymmetric bob.
I blushed coquettishly, in my mind just like the supermodel turned TV chef, before he concluded without a hint of shame: "When she was really fat
Clothed in chic sweater-sets or elegant gowns, she is posed coquettishly with her co-stars for publicity photos.
Birmingham Royal Ballet's The Two Pigeons beautifully contrasted the intense excitement of a gypsy camp with the coquettishly fresh relationship between the Young Man (Robert Parker) and Young Girl (Nao Sakuma).
A brief respite provides a false sense of relief from the pursuit: the woman dons a fur coat and looks around coquettishly, but she quickly finds herself surrounded by an increasing number of ghostly apparitions, all with the visage of Jack the Ripper.
Schalken" moves a step beyond "Bluebeard" in that Schalken depicts Rose in his portrait as coquettishly controlling most of the painting's scene through her lantern light; she seems to know what is hidden in the darkness surrounding her but refuses to reveal exactly what makes her smile so archly.
Her gestures seem coquettishly feminine: "C'est comme une petite maitresse
Alan frowned, coquettishly, and rolled his eyes in exaggerated wounded dismay.
He turns his head coquettishly to and fro, minces like a mannequin.
Nevertheless, neither Dona Juana nor Dona Luisa are actually promiscuous; they coquettishly flirt with their "victims," but never go so far as to "dishonor themselves.
I]n diesem Fall schien es ihr, ais sei die Wurde des Todes dadurch missachtet worden, dass dieser Mann seine Unfahigkeit zu leben kokett in einem Buch demonstrierte, um dann schliesslich seinem atemlos lauschenden, sensationslusternen Publikum den Gefallen zu tun, sich umzubringen" (German original 39) (In this case it seemed to her that the dignity of death had been flouted, that in his book this man had coquettishly demonstrated his inability to live, only in the end to do his breathlessly waiting, sensation-hungry audience the favor of committing suicide).