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Synonyms for coquetry

the practice of flirting

Synonyms for coquetry

playful behavior intended to arouse sexual interest

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In her right hand she bore a pearl and ebony fan, which she flourished with a fantastic and bewitching coquetry, that was likewise expressed in all her movements as well as in the style of her beauty and the attire that so well harmonized with it.
Arriving at Drowne's door, while the captain threw it open, the marvellous apparition paused an instant on the threshold, assuming the very attitude of the image, and casting over the crowd that glance of sunny coquetry which all remembered on the face of the oaken lady.
She knew that Jessie did not love him--would not marry him-- whatever coquetry she might have shown.
Archer, with a face handsome enough to give her coarse hard nature the odious finish of bold, self-confident coquetry.
Francois," said she, "you are jealous," and still she laughed; then, as if suddenly recollecting that this coquetry was not consistent with the character for modest dignity she wished to establish, she proceeded, in a demure voice: "Truly, my dear Francois, I will not deny that this young Englishman may have made some attempts to ingratiate himself with me; but, so far from giving him any encouragement, I have always treated him with as much reserve as it was possible to combine with civility; affianced as I am to you, I would give no man false hopes; believe me, dear friend.
Her dress, devoid of coquetry, was often in bad taste.
And Maggie was so entirely without those pretty airs of coquetry which have the traditional reputation of driving gentlemen to despair that she won some feminine pity for being so ineffective in spite of her beauty.
Not that her enjoyment of music was of the kind that indicates a great specific talent; it was rather that her sensibility to the supreme excitement of music was only one form of that passionate sensibility which belonged to her whole nature, and made her faults and virtues all merge in each other; made her affections sometimes an impatient demand, but also prevented her vanity from taking the form of mere feminine coquetry and device, and gave it the poetry of ambition.
Perhaps my master might refine a little in these speculations, which he had drawn from what he observed himself, or had been told him by others; however, I could not reflect without some amazement, and much sorrow, that the rudiments of lewdness, coquetry, censure, and scandal, should have place by instinct in womankind.
The young man felt her press his hand, and comprehended that this was a sentiment, not of coquetry, but of gratitude because of his departure.
de Bragelonne said of you, at Antibes, when he already meditated death: 'If pride and coquetry have misled her, I pardon her while despising her.
Ironically, men's claim to coquetry comes at a time when women are rejecting the aesthetic diktats of society, particularly through the body positive movement.
The charm of Bathsheba's coquetry as perceived by Oak is an ironic analogue of the protective reverence felt for Thomasin by the reddleman; the affective valences that accompany both their discoveries are conveyed obliquely through Hardy's second passive voice.
Through his female quixotic protagonist, Lizardi critiques traditional values associated with Spain, such as regard for aristocratic titles and superstitious religious practices associated with Baroque Catholicism, as well as modern customs such as luxury and coquetry.
Further, a reasonable 'mixing of discourses' of metaphorical love 'ishq i majazi', asking and petitioning 'niyaz' and coquetry 'naz' were also observed.