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chicken and onions and mushrooms braised in red wine and seasonings

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Dinner entrees include Bouillabaisse, as authentic as that found in Marseille - a fragrant Provencal soup of mussels, shrimp and tender scallops simmered in white wine with potatoes and tomatoes, and served with garlic croutons; Coq Au Vin, a comforting dish of chicken braised in red wine, mushrooms and pearl onions, served on top of creamy mashed potatoes with petite pois (tiny green peas); and Bistro Bavette Steak, a French-style grilled steak served with creamy au gratin potatoes enriched with mushroom duxelle and a choice of bordelaise or bearnaise sauce and seasonal vegetables.
Coq au vin Serves four Ingredients 25g (1oz) butter 150g (5oz) shallots peeled and left whole Five garlic cloves crushed 150g (5oz) streaky bacon thickly cut Sprig of thyme 350g (12oz) button mushrooms 500ml (18fl oz) good red wine 500ml (18fl oz) chicken stock Two tablespoons balsamic vinegar One free range chicken cut into eight joints or eight chicken pieces Small pinch parsley chopped Salt and pepper to taste Method Heat a flameproof casserole dish on top of the stove and add butter reserving a small knob for later.
NEW YORK: Whether it is Boeuf Bourguignon, Coq au Vin or Bouillabaisse attempting classic French dishes can be an intimidating experience for any cook.
7 WHAT TO DO WITH THE LEGS: A classic like coq au vin is a perfect way to use the legs, braised in red wine and chicken stock with shallots, button mushrooms, bacon lardons, and served with creamed potato.
Perhaps the perfect dish for this time of year, though, is a good Coq Au Vin.
Dubai does not intend to ban coq au vin, prawns flambe and trifle - despite saying previously that the "use of alcohol in preparation and cooking of food is strictly prohibited"
The White Wine Coq au Vin (January, page 100) was fantastic
Instead of coq au vin cooked with the usual red wine, Andre's Bistro sometimes does a coq au vin blanc with the chicken served in a mushroom, mustard and white wine sauce.
Most meals are included, promising the full experience of regional wines, cheeses, and local specialties like coq au vin.
Pheasant makes excellent curry but you could choose a more classical recipe like a coq au vin or a simple casserole.
Dish of the Year: Rich, tasty version of coq au vin fortified with bacon and herbs, mixed with vegetables, served out of an individual pot tableside with pommes puree.
Chef and foodwriter Simon Hopkinson, author of new book Th e Prawn Cocktail Years, says we also hanker for retro dinners featuring Spag Bol and Coq Au Vin.
The plant produces 74 different ready-meal recipes including cassoulet, sausages with lentils, turkey blanquette, boeuf bourguignon, tartiflette (potatoes with cheese) and coq au vin.
One classic dish that does require a full bottle is coq au vin (above)' chicken cooked in red wine, button mushrooms and small onions.
Macaroni cheese, steak and chips, and coq au vin had a similar number of votes, scoring as tried and tested dependable dishes.