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Synonyms for copyright

a document granting exclusive right to publish and sell literary or musical or artistic work

secure a copyright on a written work

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Much of the bill reflects "Copyright Small Claims," a September 2013 report from the Register of Copyrights.
The proposed legislation grants the Copyright Office and Register of Copyrights a significant amount of responsibility in managing and overseeing the Copyright Claims Board and its staff.
If you created software, an app or original artwork for your logo, a copyright applies.
Copyright Office or an online service such as LegalZoom.
Copyrights can have both positive and negative influences on creative activity.
First, the core copyright industries are those industries that essentially owe their existence to copyrights and neighboring rights.
In the first installment of a two-part feature, a bibliography will address the subjects of copyright and plagiarism.
Resources for exploring common campus copyright and fair use issues seek to answer common, frequently misunderstood questions such as what exactly does "copyright" mean?
30) For a detailed explanation of these statutes and their corresponding remedies, see CRS Report RL34109, Intellectual Property Rights Violations: Federal Civil Remedies and Criminal Penalties Related to Copyrights, Trademarks, and Patents, by Brian T.
Additional chapters deal with copyrights restored from the public domain; the public domain outside the United States; copyright protection and its duration; copyright notice requirements, trademarks and publicity rights, and other related areas.
District Court in Maryland, alleges that Credit Suisse systematically infringed IMF Publications' registered copyrights by making unauthorized copies of Inside Mortgage Finance, Inside MBS & ABS, Insider B&C Lending, and Inside The GSEs.
The volumes nine chapters address copyright history, general features of Japanese copyright law, protected works, copyright ownership, moral rights, economic rights and limitations, copyright contract law, neighboring rights, and the enforcement of copyrights.
Images taken with the purpose of obtaining copyrights also can not be used outside the scope of use of the copyright as laid out in the Copyright Act, and care should be taken here also.
primarily, though not exclusively, with software copyrights.
Can I use a picture if it doesn't have the copyright symbol on it?