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Synonyms for copyright

a document granting exclusive right to publish and sell literary or musical or artistic work

secure a copyright on a written work

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For example, under a regime in which machine-authored works are de facto copyrightable, a single individual could, absent any contractual workarounds, own an indefinite number of copyrights.
is not copyrightable, and vice versa, it seems that there is no
148) For example, if Perfect 10's digital images had been copyrighted it could have argued that Google's infringement violated its derivative work right because Google did not adapt the original work into a new, distinguishable, copyrightable variation.
Copyright Act to read that semiconductor chip designs are copyrightable.
However, the Sixth Circuit's majority and dissenting opinions illustrate that whether a certain design feature will be found to be copyrightable largely turns on two issues: (1) how the garment's function is defined and (2) how strictly courts will enforce the Copyright Act's requirement that in order to be copyrightable, the nonutilitarian design feature must be separable from and capable of existing independently of, the utilitarian aspects of the article.
111) For example, a model building code is initially a copyrightable literary work, but once a jurisdiction adopts it as law, it effectively loses its protection: citizens need to be able to state what the law is, and there is no other way to express that idea but to quote from the code.
135) Most pointedly, the Ninth Circuit recited the general rule that "ideas per se are not copyrightable, but that the words or means of embodiment or expression of those ideas are," a rule which the Ninth Circuit noted was determinative of Welles's copyright claim.
taking of the copyrightable material is reasonable in relation to the
However protecting various copyrightable aspects of your mobile application would be an essential step when quick preliminary injunction is required.
Analysis of Copyrightable Works Is Interpretively Complex
The first question is always whether the original work is copyrightable subject matter.
Perhaps Gigaom's Jeff John Roberts explained it best: "The ruling is significant because it goes against traditional understandings of the 'idea/expression dichotomy' under copyright law, which holds that a form or concept can't be protected, but that a specific expression of it can be; for instance, the structure of a sonnet is not copyrightable but a specific poem is.
held that illegal works were not copyrightable and, when the copyright
However, Google has argued that an acting performance like Garcia's cannot be copyrighted and that the Copyright Act makes a distinction between a copyrightable work and its performance.