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edit and correct (written or printed material)

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I sought to interpose a larger foreign desk between the copy and the copyreaders and to relegate the rim to a mere copy-fixing role, not because this was institutionally sound but because given the state of the rim--degenerated beyond recall, I felt--the substance of copy had to be determined down to the exact mileage before copy was surrendered.
The way to keep copyreaders busy is to require them to read copy.
It is an important first check on understandability: the copyreader is a kind of first test reader, protecting the subscriber against over-expertise on the one hand and writing down on the other.
The copyreader is also the desk man who ushers a story into print.
One hallmark of a skilled copyreader is that he not only knows what to change, but also what not to change.
The editor determines the content of the story, the copyreader dwells on the words used to convey the content.
The value of combining the functions is obvious: it reduces the morale problem by giving the copyreader an additional and more creative role, and it lessens the danger of the itchy pencil that alters substance.
Occasionally you will run onto a copyreader born to the craft, satisfied with it.
Conversely, the more you permit a copyreader to specialize by splitting the rim, the more you can permit him, eventually, to intrude into the editing function and help shape the substance of the story as well as its form.
In nearby Tacoma, which also considers the Mariners the home team, the issue has exacerbated a long-standing conflict between the management of the News Tribune and one of its copyreaders, Sandy Nelson.