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an editor who prepares text for publication

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In trade publishing, a copyreader might correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors and enforce a uniform style, but not all copyreading occurred at this late stage.
The copyreader is also the desk man who ushers a story into print.
Brauchli joined Dow Jones in January 1984 as a national copyreader with AP-Dow Jones and transferred to Hong Kong in September 1984 as a reporter for the newswire.
Brauchli is a 23-year veteran of Dow Jones, having started as a copyreader for the AP-Dow Jones Newswire.
Finn joined Dow Jones in 1980 as a national copyreader for The Wall Street Journal and became an editor at the foreign desk and later served as a reporter in the Journal's Dallas Bureau.
A former San Francisco Examiner copyreader, Hale recalled: "I was a computer bimbo.
Bergmeijer began his Dow Jones career in 1984 as a copyreader for AP-Dow Jones in New York.
Morning News Tribune, demanding that copyreader Sandy Nelson be restored to her reporting job.
As a news editor, she helped oversee the spot news desk and has worked as a copy editor and national copyreader.
We the older practitioners, meanwhile, have been sharing this adversarial orientation as best as we can to the younger crop writers, reporters, copyreaders, photographers, artists, et cetera and raising awareness in them of this awesome responsibility that they must carry.
Hyde, Newspaper Editing: A Manual for Editors, Copyreaders, and Students of Newspaper Desk Work (New York: D.
I volunteered to be one of two copyreaders, not wanting anything to do with the business end of it, but merely to read the submissions and choose the best work from what was submitted.
I haven't found many typos in your magazine, so your copyreaders are doing a good job.
Reporters, of course, loved it: If they could get a column, they could escape at last from the clutches of the enemy copyreaders.
Charles Davis, a Herald reporter and one of those who retained his job, said employees who retained their jobs also got their old salaries, but not accumulated vacation and sick leave time, and night pay differentials and premiums for editors and copyreaders were also eliminated.