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someone employed to make written copies of documents and manuscripts

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The score (source A) is in the hand of Hamburg Copyist 48, who was known to have worked closely with Telemann, and thus presumably stands close to the lost autograph.
No mere copyist, and claiming to draw on oral and written versions, he can be presumed to have compiled and to have rewritten the materials which he found.
There is the copyist who compiled the 1692 "file copy" but did not work closely with the composer; the copyist who appears to have worked with Purcell and to have been involved in checking the product of the first three copyists; and, most evocative, the "inexperienced" copyist, whose hand is detectable only in the First Music.
When it came time to supervise and amend Copyist 4's ink score, however, Ives wrote parenthetically that "if 3 flutes are not available let 1 clar.
Another fact made clear by the facsimiles is that Telemann remained a meticulous copyist well into old age; even as his stamina decreased and his handwriting became increasingly unsteady, he still took the trouble to indicate nearly all slurs, strokes, ornament signs, and the like.
liii), merely to follow one manuscript blindly would be to replace Chretien by a copyist.
But in the copy prepared for King Frederick VI of Denmark, there is evidence that an instruction scribbled in pencil by Beethoven provoked a copyist to remove the phrase from the tenor soloist and reinstall it in the chorus.
Music & Letters 76 [1997]: 398-404), who pointed out some common features connecting the writing in the Tregian anthologies to other documents known to be in his hand; Thompson responded with further proposals ("Francis Tregian the Younger as Music Copyist," Music and Letters 82 [2001]: 1-31).
Works Project Administration (WPA) copying project at the Fleisher Collection, where he was hired and trained to be a copyist.
He imagines that he might be happy as a copyist, but with a twist: he will copy people rather than texts, as a portraitist might, but with words instead of paint.
More interestingly, the Library of Congress holdings include seventy-four individually classed copyist manuscripts (and five manuscripts misattributed to Bach) offering evidence of how individuals within and beyond C.
The first part of the manuscript, copied by the same hand, uses a total of twelve staves per page, while the second, copied by different hands, varies from nine to eleven staves, depending on the copyist.
Darnall Dietz worked as a music copyist on a variety of productions, from "Newsies" to "The Little Mermaid" to the "Radio City Christmas Spectacular.
Billed as "blue-eyed soul", but with a lot more in his locker than merely some kind of copyist, you will probably have already become acquainted with Newman as the voice of Rudimental's massive hit singles Feel The Love and Not Giving In.
Nadine Shah - Love Your Dum and Mad IT IS impossible to listen to Nadine Shah, a young woman from the North East, without thinking of Nick Cave and PJ Harvey; but to label her a copyist would be to drop a clanger of the highest possible order.