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someone employed to make written copies of documents and manuscripts

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Shakespeare seemingly finds out that Will is having an affair with the copyist.
The copyist who wrote the majority of the manuscript also transcribed the Sonate da camera a violino e violoncello solo, which are the subject of this edition.
But anyone thinking CW is a mere copyist, archivist or pastiche artist is mistaken, for though he takes his cue from an age lone gone, his feet are firmly planted in this century.
Chapter 2 centers on the issue of "skill" and deconstructs the various dichotomies (conceptual artist versus copyist, artistic authenticity versus alienated labor, and so forth) that authorize the imagination of Dafen, if not China, as an inferior copyist of Western art and culture.
35) John Malet did not copy the Rochester texts in the "Harbin" MS: the fourth volume of the Malet MSS includes two documents certified as being in his hand, (36) which with its heavy admixture of secretary forms bears no resemblance to the neat italic of the "Harbin" copyist.
This is no bad thing, since, in terms of the history of books before printing, the figure of Robert Thornton and the achievement memorialized by his two surviving codices are often taken as representative in several important ways of what it meant to be a single late-medieval English regional copyist and book producer.
Consequently, it is plausible that Salviati may have not written his manuscripts on his own, resorting instead to a copyist.
He imagines that he might be happy as a copyist, but with a twist: he will copy people rather than texts, as a portraitist might, but with words instead of paint.
1), one copyist avoided transcribing not only problema 26, but the entirety of Book IV, consisting as it did of the troublesome questions about why sex was pleasurable.
Darnall Dietz worked as a music copyist on a variety of productions, from "Newsies" to "The Little Mermaid" to the "Radio City Christmas Spectacular.
For instance, if you can demonstrate that you are aware of a potential copyist or that you need a patent to secure investment, the UKIPO will usually expedite processing of the application.
There's talent here, but Vilianueva, like a young artist still influenced by his elders, needs to find his own style or he'll become a skilled yet unexciting copyist.
Observing that both preacher and female copyist constructed themselves as instruments of divine will, Smith claims that 'the copyist is a co-labourer with the author or the divine word, reproducing, but also experiencing, the formative force of the text' (30).
Other bands came out around that time and there were 1000 copyist bands but people couldn't rip off Screamadelica to this day because nobody knows how they made it.
During the past two decades, scholars have dispelled the notion that Sophia Peabody Hawthorne was merely a copyist, rightly forgotten as a minimally talented lady-painter, or unhappily remembered as the prudish bowdlerizer of her husband's notebooks.