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If you click on the down-pointing arrow, the screen at right will appear, giving you the option of moving (or copying, if you checked the Create a copy box) to a new file, which is automatically named Book1 by Excel.
501 (a), and any letter or other document issued by the IRS as to such applications, must be made available for public inspection and copying, on written request.
The fourth fair use factor is concerned with the marketability of the work, should copying of it occur.
Illegal copying is already a big problem for movies that are on videotape.
However, that possibility alarms the recording industry, which has been championing an electronic system designed to prevent people from freely copying recorded music.
DVD Copy 5 offers so many features that go well beyond copying DVDs," said Blaine Mathieu, General Manager of Corel's Digital Media business.
This is solved by copying the data to tape after the backups are complete.
Describe the amount, form and timeliness of payment of any fees for copying and postage the organization may charge.
Camcorder enthusiasts may imagine that copying a tape is a simple task, but for people who lack a tape editing suite in their home, it's rather a bother.
The Xerox WorkCentre(R) 4150 multifunction printer is designed and sold like a printer but offers copying, scanning and faxing to help people work better in businesses from small to large.
Also, there are many other data copying products in the market, which can provide point-in-time copies of production data, on demand, for testing or concurrent backup.
Under this type of license, installing and/or copying the program onto any additional computer is illegal.
This follow-up to the successful DVD Copy series includes a number of new features and innovations that makes it the best choice for disc copying and backup needs.
This introduces tremendous power and flexibility into the copying process.
Located at over 1,250 Staples stores across the country, Staples Copy & Print Centers (CPCs) offer full-service copying and printing services with a 100% quality guarantee.