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However, by the late 16th century, copyholders could apply to the common law courts for a remedy.
Several allusions to Othello in word and scene construction underscore the latent darkness of Widow's comic characters and of course, provided the copyholder with arguments for a Shakespeare connection.
Although the legal differences between an East Anglian free- or copyholder and a Massachusetts landowner were of little importance with respect to the ability of the copyholder to sell and inherit the land and the fixed status of copyhold rents, the meaning of landownership differed enormously.
42) In fact, the claim rests on only three cases, one where the sister of a copyhold tenant successfully recovered her brother's tenement twenty-nine years after he had sold it, a second case where a copyholder paid a consideration to the nephew of a former owner, again some years after a sale, and a third where the son of a deceased elder son challenged a will made by his grandfather which favoured his uncles and aunt.
Waxing apocalyptic, Coke foresees the complete upheaval of English society: uses, perpetuities, and assurances have "extended themselves into many branches and are to be resembled to Nebuchadnezzar's tree, for in this tree the fowls of the air build their nests, and the nobles of this realm erect and establish their nests, and under this tree lie infinita pecora campi [numberless beasts of the field], and great part of the copyholders and farmers of the land for shelter and safety .
Thus Sir John Harington, though beset with economic difficulties after marrying his adolescent daughter Lucy to Edward Russell, third earl of Bedford, in December 1594, lavishly and generously entertained some two hundred private guests, many of them his relatives, and up to nine hundred neighbors, copyholders, and tenants.
It began to develop a political dimension in line with the phase of secular economic growth brought about by a series of mechanisms: productive zonal specialisation, price rises (urban rents, grain, land), dispossession of the peasant freeholders and copyholders.
Hill explained that the Levellers argued for the redistribution of the franchise and the direct election of sheriffs and Justices of the Peace, sought law reform, pressed for security of tenure for copyholders, and advocated the abolition of the monarchy, the House of Lords, tithes, conscription, excise, and the privileges of peers, corporations, and trading companies.
It was in the eastern counties that the tenure of copyhold took root during the expansive years of the sixteenth century, thus laying the ground for the emergence of the English yeomen, "a process engineered by the copyholders themselves.
Negotiations had been protracted, yet Green was confident that his terms were sufficiently attractive to bind the copyholders in to a complex transaction by which approximately 400 acres of waste in Caddington Great Wood, locally known as Caddington Common, would be improved.
Villeinage and copyhold farms were almost non-present in this region of Denmark in the first half of the 19th century, while more than 60% of the farmers on the eastern isles of Denmark were copyholders (Bjorn, 1988).
Space Saver System for today's shrinking office spaces integrates asymmetric task lighting, copyholders, and VDT arm into a compact ergonomic workstation package.
Keyboards, CRT's, copyholders and chairs are often placed at improper and uncomfortable heights.
The City of Birmingham could remain the ground landlord and set up 11 co-operatives (one in each constituency) to manage the stock with a majority of copyholders on each co-operative and with the owners (formerly tenants) as the managing agents.
152) The statutes of 1671 and 1692 effectively transferred the king's rights to the prosperous gentry and excluded those without land; freeholders with rent rolls of at least 100 [pounds sterling] and leaseholders and copyholders worth 150 [pounds sterling] per annum were now entitled to hunt anywhere.