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an employee whose duties include running errands

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text as fast as the copyboy could deliver it to the copy desk--Manhattan
Coming home to Manhasset after graduation, he sold kitchenware before landing a job as a copyboy at The New York Times.
That same year (1942) he took a job as a copyboy at The New Yorker.
To return to Tolstoy's view of art as a form of contagion--at the very end of the novel, we see the contagion continuum begin its next cycle as a copyboy at the reporter's office finds the beginnings of the reporter's story (presumably, perhaps, the sum and substance of the novel we have just read) torn and littering the floor.
The current political fixation on fat is as distinctly un-American as Alger Hiss' side job as a Kremlin copyboy.
95) of recalling how much fun he had: from the copyboy who was there when Germany surrendered to the young reporter moving up from the police beat to public health to night rewrite to off-Broadway theater to interviewing Tennessee Williams and Edward Albee between his cabaret visits to Mort Sahl, Dick Gregory, Lenny Bruce, and Phyllis Diller, while simultaneously writing a fine biography of Eugene O'Neill with his wife, Barbara.
He left home at 17, worked as a copyboy to help finance his college education, and once--to the amazement of the newsroom--drank 10 martinis in 27 minutes in a stunt to impress reporters.
His first duty was as a copyboy, which involved just running errands and fetching coffee.
After joining The Star in 1929 as a copyboy, he left shortly thereafter to study journalism at the University of Kansas.
On June 23, 1953, an aspiring poet employed as a copyboy for the New York World Telegram wrote a long letter to an old friend in San Jose.
He faults Gore, for example, for describing his summertime job as a copyboy at The New York Times as "newspaper trainee.
Rutherford was the Arkansas Gazette's last managing editor, having served 36 years at the newspaper; working his way up the ranks from copyboy.
Barely a week ago, 18-year-old Antonio Kiik and another young copyboy were spending a lazy Saturday watching over the quiet Dili office of East Timor's only daily newspaper.
In 1938, when Tames was 18, a friend helped him get a job as a copyboy for the Washington bureau of Time magazine, where he carried equipment for the photographers and wrote captions.
My first taste of newspapering came when I wrote for an army weekly during my military service in Europe Afterward, in 1959, 1 went to work at The New York Times as a copyboy.