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Synonyms for copulatory

of or relating to coitus or copulation


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We are also describing the functional anatomy of the female, particularly acceptance of the copulatory structure into the reproductive tract.
japonicus, the characters of body shape, abdomen, carapace, first and second antenna, first and second maxillae, thorax segments, respiratory area, and swimming leg structure show a significant convergent between male and female in morphology with the exception of the total body size, second swimming leg structure, position and structure of the copulatory accessories, number and structure of overlapping sclerites of sucking disk rim, as well as melanophores patches of male (Fig.
The sexual activity index (SAI) and the copulatory efficiency (CE) decreased following the ghrelin injection; DLS pretreatment abolished the inhibitory effect of ghrelin on CE in both 5 and 10 nmol and on SAI at the high dose (10 nmol).
2003) Activation of a subset of lumbar spinothalamic neurons after copulatory behavior in male but not female rats.
Copulatory papilla: longer than wide, cylindrical, with a concavity on posterior margin that occupies % of dorsal portion and other that occupies proximal third on ventral face (Figs.
The epigyne does not have a distinct median slit and there is only a small posterior incision and dark triangular region around the copulatory openings (Figs 8, 15).
2c) by Zunino (1972) in order to stress its intimate connection with the copulatory lamella.
Pairs often remained stationary for a minute or two if undisturbed, but the female nevertheless moved intermittently, with the male still draped astride her abdomen, in copulatory embrace (amplexus) but no longer in copula.
Abstract--A detailed morphology of the male and female copulatory organs of the Australian ground spider Hemicloea sundevalli Thorell, 1870 is presented.
We were interested specifically in the effects of fatigue on the ability of sexually mature male crabs to hold onto a female crab, as in copulatory and mate-guarding behavior.
Longevity treatment with (-)deprenyl in female rats: effect on copulatory activity and lifespan.
Evolution of breeding behavior in the magnificent frigatebird: copulatory pattern and parental investment.
Female cooperation in plug formation in a spider: effects of male copulatory courtship.