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Synonyms for copulatory

of or relating to coitus or copulation


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Copulatory papilla: longer than wide, cylindrical, with a concavity on posterior margin that occupies % of dorsal portion and other that occupies proximal third on ventral face (Figs.
The epigyne does not have a distinct median slit and there is only a small posterior incision and dark triangular region around the copulatory openings (Figs 8, 15).
The morphology of the copulatory organs is species-specific for most spider species.
Among the many arguments offered there is the success of pornography showing groups of men with only one woman (231), the comparatively slow arousal curve of women combined with the capability of multiple orgasms "while men all too often reach orgasm frustratingly quick and then lose interest" (10), and the rather loud female copulatory vocalization which must have inevitably attracted other males to the place of action (255-59).
On other hand, when observing the posterior end of the copulatory segments or the end of the abdomen in males, the shape of the gland was completely different, like dark spots, which could not be easily separated.
Influence of Ewycoma longifolia on the copulatory activity of sexually sluggish and impotent male rats.
For example, ovotestes (a biomarker of feminization) and reduced male copulatory behavior was seen in male Japanese quail exposed to EE2 (Elbrecht and Smith, 1992; Berg et al.
Induction of copulatory behavior in Aplysia: atrial gland factors mimic the excitatory effects of freshly deposited egg cordons.
An ejaculation occurs after 6-15 intromissions and is followed by a period of 5-10 minutes post ejaculatory interval during which the male is refractory to further copulatory activity.
A fat, cobby, soup platehooved mare has her place in history as the female who taught the world's most eligible equine bachelor the facts of copulatory life.
Other subjects include copulatory structures, signaling and courtship, adaptation and evolution of reproductive mode in copulating cottoid species, fertilization, sex determination, and parental care, as well as reproduction in relation to conservation and exploitation of marine fishes, cryopreservation of gametes, embryogenesis and development, and molecular genetics of the development of the Zebrafish.
For example, the medial preoptic area (MPOA) has been shown to be important for sexual arousal, copulatory behaviour, and the refractory period of male rats (Hoffman, Gerall, & Kalivas, 1987; Oomura, Aou, Koyama, Fujita, & Yoshimatsu, 1988).
The structure, function, and postembryonic development of the male and female copulatory organs of the black widow spider Latrodectus curacaviensis (Muller).