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an equating verb (such as 'be' or 'become') that links the subject with the complement of a sentence

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ju [b[epsilon]resi.sub.1]-[a.sub.2] "the barley [is.sub.2] [ripe(ned).sub.1]." The boundary between the categories of periphrastic verb and copular clause tend to be untidy for the stems ending in vowels; for instance, the sentence e dim jus baze bea "his face was pimpled" (with the stems zan- : z[partial derivative]- 'hit, stricken') may contain either the compound adjective jus-baze or the pluperfect jus baze bea, depending on the position of the stress.
Aunque no se observo la copula, el haber encontrado machos con las glandulas y los reservorios glandulares en diferente estado de actividad indica que la copula se llevo a cabo, lo cual se infiere por el cambio en tamano del reservorio glandular antes y despues de copular (Martinez & Cruz 1992; Pluot-Sigwalt & Martinez, 1998).
It is specific of the copular verb that its present tense forms have reference to future time, shown as PRS = FUT.
The poem is flooded with verbs ("Repeating," "turning", etc.), mesmerizingly so, but these verbs are all nonlinear in their qualities--intransitive ("turned," "swept," "came", "striding," "gathered"), reflexive ("repeating themselves"), copular ("felt"), and copular-adverbial ("were like"), or if transitive, nonagentive ("remembered," "heard," "saw," "felt").
This description is followed by a pattern of copular verbs, verbs of possession, and passive voice dominating the descriptions at the lower levels.
To visualize the concept of such algebras, let us pay attention to some specific classes of algebras like gametic, zygotic, and copular algebras.
Copular clauses can have either nominal (7) or adjectival (8) predicate complements: