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Judge Gittins added: "What is clear is that the complainant, understandably, thought you were going to rape her by taking her into that nearby copse, especially when she turned to face a completely hooded figure, unable to see your facial features.
Catherine McMahon, who helps looks after the copse with fellow allotment holders, said: "It is a fabulous place.
At the end of the 30-mile road is Maligne Lake, fed by glaciers, emerald in color and punctuated by Spirit Island, with its small copse of pines.
The farm's 17-hectare garden is landscaped with a range of eccentric attractions including bog gardens, kinetic sculptures, mazes, a copse shaped into the euro symbol and an operational air strip to welcome 'aviators and their flying machines'.
It slipped through a thin copse of cottonwood trees and tall grasses, neatly dividing a portion of the park.
Siemens Energy and Automation Inc of Copse Road, Yeovil, Somerset, tel:0193 570 6262, have recently acquired Moore Products Co, which previously operated as Moore Process Automation Solutions.
Their bodies were found more than three months later in a copse on the fringes of Epping Forest.
As if in confirmation of our thoughts, we heard a call from a copse of birch trees on a nearby hill, a position held by the Serbs: "We heard that Hamic had been killed.
Perhaps a passing storm spawns a rainbow that bisects a darkened slope and seems to lavish its riches on a copse of yellow trees.
The "flush and ambush" strategy often was invoked if the rabbit found refuge in a bush or copse of trees.
Fir Tree Copse is set within the village of Hepscott yet close to Morpeth, with easy commuting links to Newcastle and further afield.
ILLED ILLED as he tried to as he tried to seize a small copse in seize a small copse in KKKKFrance KFrance France in July 1916, in July 1916,the body of Sapper the body of Sapper Ralph Bowes was never found.
WADING: Today's photo is of a snipe at Waskerley, taken by Robert Bainbridge in the copse beside the reservoir during a lull in fishing
LISA MARIE POWELL 5 The Copse, Trefechan, Merthyr Tydfil CF48 2EN.
The Woodland Trust has distributed free hedge and copse packs as part of the Tree for All scheme.