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the dried meat of the coconut from which oil is extracted

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Digestible and metabolizable energy concentrations in copra meal, palm kernel meal, and cassava root fed to growing pigs.
The industry ministry has three categories for coconut industry in two classes upstream industry with products including fresh fruits and copra (black and white copra) ; intermediate industry with products including coconut shells, copra Meal, desiccated coconut; and downstream industry producing cooking oil, coconut cream/milk, activated carbon (AC) , etc.
Most of these islands, what they do to pay for a living is gathering copra, which is a coconut byproduct," Campbell said.
The world wide average productivity of various oil crops is soyabean, 351kg/hectare per year, cottonseed 188; groundnut 384; sunflower seed 504; rapeseed 556; sesame seed 178; palm oil 3,200; palm 3,200; palm kernel 454 and copra 356 kg per hectare per year.
The resort is situated along the Pedro Guereca-designed Copra Course.
Malays were attracted from Sambas to the east coast of the peninsula by the Brooke regime, keen to add copra to Sarawak's export repertoire.
Cardiff 3 Bristol Rovers 1 MICHAEL COPRA fired his eighth goal of the season to crack Bristol Rovers - and Peter Whittingham finished them off.
Copper was imported from South Australia and copra from Samoa.
These oil fields already exist in widespread coconut plantations that produce a declining export crop of copra (dried coconut flesh) destined for manufacturing elsewhere into cosmetics, cleaning products, and animal feed.
Most of the coconut trade in the South Pacific is in copra, a dehydrated form of the coconut flesh that is later industrialized into oil, but which has little value for the farmers/harvesters.
Despite this strong growth, the per copra consumption of bottled water in the UK still lags significantly behind other countries (approximately half of the per capita consumption of bottled water in the US), so there is still a massive opportunity.
41 From which plant is the useful material copra obtained?
The Foreign Office, she wrote, would therefore advise government ministers to say "there is only a small number of contract labourers from Mauritius and the Seychelles engaged to work on the copra plantations" and that "should a member [of parliament] ask about what would happen to these contract labourers in the event of a base being set up on the island, we hope that, for the present, this can be brushed aside as a hypothetical question".