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Synonyms for copperplate

a graceful style of handwriting based on the writing used on copperplate engravings

a print made from an engraved copperplate

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an engraving consisting of a smooth plate of copper that has been etched or engraved

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Anyhow, a part of this column is dedicated to a man named Arthur Stace, a man who had no formal education and, it is said, could hardly write his own name legibly; a man who, nevertheless, became so obsessed with the word 'eternity' in the 1930s, after hearing a powerful sermon on the theme delivered by a well-known clergyman of the time in Sydney, that he found he was able to write the word using chalk in the most elegant copperplate font - all without the least training.
The book contains correspondence pertaining to the Anglesey Volunteers and its successor the Local Militia, at the time of the Napoleonic Wars, all meticulously written in perfect copperplate handwriting.
The Forum included paintings, a display of paintings, models, and handicraft items of Fine Arts in photography, sculpture, and decoration, as well as the artistic presentation of some antiques, silverware, copperplate and antique collectibles.
In the 1580s the Jesuits aspired to establish a press in Japan that would disseminate both religious texts and the technologies of moveable type and copperplate image printing.
This exhibition featured two groups of works: acrylic paintings and copperplate etchings.
Hidden away where Sam did not at first notice it, there was a second label with coloured-in British, French and Imperial Russian flags and, in neat copperplate, "Made In The Great War".
In this case the printer used the wrong copperplate when printing the map on the overleaf of the text pages, which had been made earlier via another technique, namely letterpress printing.
Most fatefully, it also clearly appears on the 1823 copperplate created by the engraver William Stone to replicate the original parchment, which was already fading into illegibility.
learn Copperplate 2, bring an oblique pen holder and nib, ink, paper, small rag and a thin writing cushion.
In 1770, Oberkampf became the first to bring the English and Irish technique of copperplate printing into France.
He begins the history lesson with the style known as copperplate, the florid, swooping script seen today on upscale wedding invitations (or anything else that wants fanciness), but that predominated in the 18th and 19th centuries.
During its long history, the orchestra had collected a lot of memorabilia, so the display included old concert programmes, photos, conductor's batons, a US flag donated by the Pittsburgh Orchestra and an original cash book with its beautiful copperplate handwriting.
The sale of antiques and artifacts, copperplate, clothes, pots, incense burners, ancient armor, guns and swords, along with various types of carpets and rugs, are still its primary goods.