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Synonyms for copperhead

common coppery brown pit viper of upland eastern United States

venomous but sluggish reddish-brown snake of Australia

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Copperhead suits him perfectly and eight previous visits have delivered five top-30s, despite his confidence being much lower than it is now.
Copperhead snakes bite more people in than any other snake species in the United States, according to the (http://www.
The Copperhead cervical cage is a sound alternative to bone grafts, and the wide variety of available sizing options allows for an anatomical fit that slides seamlessly into each patient's unique anatomy, improving the bond between cage and bone.
The notifier subsequently identified the snake as a Victorian copperhead (Austrelaps superbus) from comparative photographs of Australian species.
The Copperhead 3404K takes the image quality straight from the camera to a truck or control room with only two strands of fiber optic cable, which carry all bi-directional signals -- including four 3 Gb/s HD/SDI paths -- eliminating the logistical challenges posed by coax cabling.
I loved his description of the John Brown-like character in Copperhead.
The PGA TOUR and the tournament's host organization, Copperhead Charities, also announced that BB&T Corporation, a leading financial services holding company headquartered in Winston-Salem, NC, has signed a four-year agreement to become the tournament's local presenting sponsor.
The movie is narrated by one who stayed behind, an orphan named Jimmy (Josh Cruddas), who lives with the Copperhead Beeches.
Of course, a copperhead is a venomous snake, and ardent supporters of Lincoln's war to "save the Union" applied it as an insult on those Northerners, the "peace Democrats," who opposed Lincoln's war.
Copperhead and cottonmouth morns are found pregnant with babies conceived without sex, a first in the wild (SN: 10/20/12, p.
For this latest study, the researchers focused on two closely related species of North American pit viper snakes - the copperhead and the cottonmouth.
And neither of those two, the northern copperhead and the rattlesnake, can be found in Worcester County.
As the Company is planning the next phase of drilling at Lorena to progress the project towards development as a gold mine, the newly discovered Copperhead prospect will be an exciting addition to the current 78,000 ounces of gold mineral resource at Lorena.
Built exclusively for the JVC GY-HM790E ProHD camera, it is the first CopperHead to provide a direct connection to a camcorder without requiring external cables.