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having a bottom of copper or sheathed with copper

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He could start by cutting MPs' pay - a real cut including the copper-bottomed pensions, and the pounds 400 a day for phone call debates.
David Jones of Welsh Speciality Foods said: "Our handmade ranges are made in honest traditional ways using copper-bottomed pans in very small batches.
Other compelling virtues are pounds 20 road tax for the diesel and pounds 30 for the petrol, plus if anything major lets go within five years, you'll be covered by that copper-bottomed warranty.
They cannot do otherwise, provided they simply look at the tariffs as numbers on a piece of paper, which come with a copper-bottomed guarantee from the compilers about the accuracy of their maths.
Aa Palestinians in Gaza will hardly wish to give up armed resistance until they receive copper-bottomed guarantees of a normal life unmolested by Israel.
And it has to get its priorities right, such as copper-bottomed pension funds.
Being copper-fastened and copper-bottomed, the vessel was valuable salvage, Mr Fry pointed out.
MPs' pensions, it goes without saying, are absolutely copper-bottomed.
And what seemed a copper-bottomed move for Chelsea's pounds 5m rated second string stopper Robert Huth, pictured, has hit the buffers after the German international failed his medical.
Copper: Use Bar Keepers Friend to renew the finish on your copper-bottomed cookware.
I'd like to thank all my colleagues for all they do to keep prices coming down and give customers a copper-bottomed guarantee--we'll work harder than ever in the next 12 months to deserve the title for a ninth year in a row.
Within these cave-dark dwellings--decorated with bee-cultivating masks and copper-bottomed pots and pans, scarred oak tables, and painted crockery--we kept hearing the accordionist.
Mr Brown failed to give a copper-bottomed assurance that Tony Blair would lead the party into the next election, saying only that it was "a matter for him".
Jones purposely positioned the Richard close to the swifter, copper-bottomed Serapis to deny the larger ship the advantage of its larger and more numerous cannons.
World Kitchen is adding three copper-bottomed lines to its Revere brand, and Gourmet Standard, VillaWare and Nordic Ware are each launching lines of cast-aluminum cookware here.