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Of course I will not let him make a practice of being with me, but if he comes to see me once in a long time there can be no harm in that," she told herself, still determined in her loyalty to Ned Currie.
The major features of primary orality include the following: speech acts, mnemonic narrative devices, formulaic expressions and cliches, stock characters, standard themes, additive styles, redundancy and copiousness, an empathie audience relationship, and situational thinking (Ong 33-49).
The travel restrictions imposed on Qatar have further impacted these plans because it is estimated the country needs around 36,000 migrant labourers and copiousness amounts of imported construction materials to deliver on deadline.
like rhetoricians, the pastoral writers love to list and aim for copiousness, for representing, as much as possible, the culturally authoritative "dicta et facta" in a topos.
The chapter also proposes an epistemology of the conundrum of interpretation posed by mysterious, difficult, and obscure terms and their many possible meanings--as well as a set of guiding principles and strategies for scholars approaching the linguistic copiousness of sex discourse.
From a perspective of the conception of those songs, what Ong used to call redundancy or copiousness (and which I have called reiteration) is a necessary consequence of the oral economy, a pattern that the singer, poet or minstrel will keep in mind when he creates his poems.
that yet has been able to substitute for the substance so amazing a mockery, and has treated with so much copiousness and power what it was unfit ever to have attempted.
This implies the copiousness of workers to meet the factors' limited demand.
I believe that this insistence upon repetition and mundane copiousness illustrates a shift to highly individualized and often narcissistic attitudes that are becoming common in mobiliterates.
14) At that first meeting they argued amicably about whether it was better to be meagre and 'costive', as Davin called it, with one's writing, or to be for copiousness and fluency, as he believed he was himself.
The deliberateness with which Ashbery dutifully "turn[s]" his "gaze / Back to the instruction manual" in the poem's closing lines suggests that the career never lets him go, and the copiousness of the description of Guadalajara may itself be read as the result of a professional imperative to produce writing that follows him even into his dreams.
The extensive copiousness is meant to delight as well as to teach.
Although in the circle of his friends, where he might be unreserved with safety, he took a free share in conversation, his colloquial talents were not above mediocrity, possessing neither copiousness of ideas, nor fluency of words.
Yet before plunging into the book, I highly recommend that you leaf through it and have a look at the pictorial supplements, whose uniqueness, copiousness and, in many cases, sheer novelty make them truly exceptional.
Both are demanding poets, not least for an exactness they pursue in almost opposite ways: Cole through a stripping away of things to their essence, the arrangement of words like stones in a Zen garden, and Phillips through a kind of copiousness, an attempt to come at a dilemma from all sides at once, his constant, minute shivers of revision building in a way reminiscent of a fractal design.