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Moreover, the copiousness of pastoral texts, underlined above, is also found in tongue treatises of the early modern period.
The extensive copiousness is meant to delight as well as to teach.
Although in the circle of his friends, where he might be unreserved with safety, he took a free share in conversation, his colloquial talents were not above mediocrity, possessing neither copiousness of ideas, nor fluency of words.
Yet before plunging into the book, I highly recommend that you leaf through it and have a look at the pictorial supplements, whose uniqueness, copiousness and, in many cases, sheer novelty make them truly exceptional.
Both are demanding poets, not least for an exactness they pursue in almost opposite ways: Cole through a stripping away of things to their essence, the arrangement of words like stones in a Zen garden, and Phillips through a kind of copiousness, an attempt to come at a dilemma from all sides at once, his constant, minute shivers of revision building in a way reminiscent of a fractal design.
16) While these three terms chosen by Lyndsay may be primarily a collective trope of rhetorical copiousness, they can also be understood as carrying certain distinctions, although to understand them we need to recognize both contemporary usage and the misleading resonances of modern definitions.
In the spirit of copiousness and affirmative critique, I am interested in exploring ways of pluralizing the idea of binding and enhancing its serviceability.
For instance, of the novels of anarchist philosopher William Godwin, Hazlitt writes approvingly that "there is no look of patch-work and plagiarism, the beggarly copiousness of borrowed wealth" (289).
it serves to vivify and invigorate all the channels of industry, and to make them flow with greater activity and copiousness.
Sometimes the copiousness of a book is justified by the length and fullness of the life story that it purveys.
To help direct scholarly attention in answering these questions, I want to pinpoint three key themes of invention that emerge in this study of blogging but prevail in networked media more generally: speed, agonism, and copiousness.
Yet archives also sponsor a fantasy of heterogeneous authenticity because their copiousness promises an unfiltered density of data.
More importantly, French is revealed in the treatise as a still-impoverished language that is dependent on translation in order to attain the desirable quality of copiousness, the property that defines excellence more than any other.
The apparent ready access to supplies of paper and the copiousness of his output suggest London and its environs as the likely place of his employment, but that is only a best guess at this point.
Notice the accuracy of statements made in their textbooks; observe the copiousness of illustration of every point, and the well-considered gradations of all difficulties; observe how foundations are laid first, and how, as the subject is developed, one step prepares for another in logical sequence.