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8) "[There are] certain areas of humanist concern in which a stress on copiousness appears to be central; and as this concern is often of an imaginative as well as of a conceptual order, I have found it instructive to use an image, that of the horn of plenty, as a means of comparing and isolating different texts.
Johnson holds the advantage over Austen because of the sheer copiousness of materials about him, including portraits, a death-mask, a record of his autopsy, and--thanks especially to Boswell--his life.
In five carefully argued chapters, Gowland shows how Burton is bound to, though never straitened by, classical and contemporary medical commentary; how his work grows out of the European humanist tradition in all its political and theological complexity demonstrating, in the process, how Continental this vernacular masterpiece is; and how Burton responds to the changing political and religious dynamic of Stuart England, shifting and modifying his views as he adds to his neverending text--for Burton's copiousness, as Gowland reminds us, was a symptom of, and therapy for, his melancholy but as well a politically and theologically purposeful technique.
it serves to vivify and invigorate the channels of industry, and to make them flow with greater activity and copiousness.
Thus Hazlitt observes, commending the writing of Godwin in The Spirit of the Age, that it has "no look of patch-work and plagiarism, the beggarly copiousness of borrowed wealth; no tracery-work from worm-eaten manuscripts, from forgotten chronicles, nor piecing out of vague traditions with fragments and snatches of old ballads.
It is the only way to give to a language copiousness and euphony.
Much later the medieval preoccupation with symbols operating in a way akin to riddles reac hed its climax with the powerful allegories of, for instance, Le Roman de la Rose or Piers Plowman, and with their copiousness of intertwined symbols.
Perhaps because of the density of her argument and the copiousness of her documentation, there are some editorial oversights that result in sentence errors (17 and 70, for example).
It is difficult, even quoting extensively as I have, to convey the almost preternatural copiousness of these two books.
If Hotchkiss's work is tantalizing in its suggestiveness and brevity, Wheeler and Cohen's collection of nineteen essays is overwhelming in copiousness and variety.
In fact, the dialogues - and by dialogues I mean direct and indirect speech - are the privileged place in narrative where we can put on the page the copiousness of language, including dialectisms, grammatical mistakes, the jargon of different professions and generations, linguistic status symbols, tics and psychological and sociocultural slips of the tongue.
But if Goldhagen has not preempted all possible doubts over his conclusions, the copiousness of his evidence and the elegance of his logic sweep away the large mass of them.
8) Such Mallarmean elusiveness, it now seems, was unnatural to an artist avid for an almost Rabelaisian physicality and copiousness, despite the complication of his studied, sweet-and-sour color.
The description is extremely economical, using extensive cross-referencing to avoid repetition--but redundancy and copiousness are not faults in a reference grammar.
The novelty lies in the eloquence with which they are expressed by this prose-poet of regret, and the polymathic copiousness with which they are illustrated.