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brick that is laid sideways at the top of a wall


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I had an insane dream of throwing a long forked branch over the coping, and so swarming up hand-over-hand.
And so at last it did; but my fingers had clutched the coping in time; had grabbed it even as the insecure pyramid crumbled and left me dangling.
Instantly exerting what muscle I had left, and the occasion gave me, I succeeded in pulling myself up until my chin was on a level with my hands, when I flung an arm over and caught the inner coping.
were all the words she said, as she laid her face in her hands on the stone coping.
No feasible way of coping with China was suggested.
And as I looked the thought came to me that in that rushing stream of human lava were men, comrades and heroes, whose mission had been to rouse the abysmal beast and to keep the enemy occupied in coping with it.
In exchange for one penny its five hundred thousand readers received every week a serial story about life in highest circles, a short story packed with heart-interest, articles on the removal of stains and the best method of coping with the cold mutton, anecdotes of Royalty, photographs of peeresses, hints on dress, chats about baby, brief but pointed dialogues between Blogson and Snogson, poems, Great Thoughts from the Dead and Brainy, half-hours in the editor's cosy sanctum, a slab of brown paper, and--the journal's leading feature--Advice on Matters of the Heart.
None were more capable than he of coping with the occasion as it rose, of rising himself with the emergency of the moment, of snatching a victory from the very dust of defeat.
As I did the same I felt the hand of the man behind me grab at my ankle, but I kicked myself free and scrambled over a grass-strewn coping.
See to that great stone from the coping which hath fallen upon the bridge.
According to Tony Mallinger, Metal-Era s President, We are very optimistic about the release of Reveal and Cornice Copings.
8220;We are very optimistic about the release of Reveal and Cornice Copings,” says Tony Mallinger, Metal-Era's President.
2) Coping Stones: Depending upon the type of coping stones you should look for various things: On all copings the cross and bed joints should be sealed; the bed joints with cement and the cross joints with cement and an expandable type of caulking -- in order to prevent water penetration as the joints expand and contract with the weather.
The in-vitro study of veneered Denzir copings (containing an inner construction made of yttria-oxide-stabilized zirconia with a veneering ceramic) performed by Prof.