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a stone that forms the top of wall or building

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If you see any defects in the coping stones, use Polycell Exterior Polyfilla to fill them.
The treatment facility, based on successful plants in other coastal cities, such as Cardiff and Dublin, will be sunk into Wellington Dock and coping stones, dock features and furniture will be retained where possible.
Isbit, "The project encompassed replacement of 50 different roofs and 2,000 linear feet of coping stones on six elevations, repointing of 40% of the brick facades, brick repairs, replacement of 240 windows and 30 exterior doors, waterproofing of cellar vaults extending below Flatbush Avenue, and interior renovations and water damage repairs to selected areas, including the historic auditorium.
Participants will learn how to strip out an old wall, how to create a foundation, select the right stones for the right part of the wall, and fit coping stones.
In this particular example, the cost is $250,000, which includes reinforcement of the steel spandrel beam, masonry reconstruction and replacement of coping stones.
Structural engineers found loose coping stones on the roof, meaning the MSPs' entrance chamber had to be shut as a precaution.
Storage of granular material and insulation for reinstatement (where possible)-Removal of the stone cladding, railings, coping stones, flagstones and steps as appropriate.
Inset: Missing coping stones, targeted by thieves, from flower beds outside Mirfield Library 230415AMIRF ANDY CATCHPOOL
I use this tool a lot especially for removing paint from coping stones.
Mr Simpson also secured victory in the best coping stones competition.
A CHURCH warden said thieves who targeted coping stones almost two-centuries-old have left a Newcastle congregation 'fed up'.
A section of rail on the Snowdon Mountain Railway track, about 100 metres from the summit station, had been damaged and coping stones and steps on the popular Llanberis footpath had been dislodged.
Council workmen who removed coping stones in Old Bank House gardens discovered a hidden chamber about 30 metres long - which has been identified as a form of outside heating to protect fruit trees and possibly dates back over 200 years.
Netting now holds in place the crumbling coping stones and masonry of Sherrill Hall, and the Seminary has been forced to abandon almost all of the top floor because of water damage.
Widow Dorothy Evans, 78, is accused of poking a tool through her fence to chip away at coping stones surrounding the pond next door.