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a stone that forms the top of wall or building

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Repairs started in the summer and a number of coping stones were reused after being recovered by divers.
The treatment facility, based on successful plants in other coastal cities, such as Cardiff and Dublin, will be sunk into Wellington Dock and coping stones, dock features and furniture will be retained where possible.
Isbit, "The project encompassed replacement of 50 different roofs and 2,000 linear feet of coping stones on six elevations, repointing of 40% of the brick facades, brick repairs, replacement of 240 windows and 30 exterior doors, waterproofing of cellar vaults extending below Flatbush Avenue, and interior renovations and water damage repairs to selected areas, including the historic auditorium.
Widow Dorothy Evans, 78, is accused of poking a tool through her fence to chip away at coping stones surrounding the pond next door.
In this particular example, the cost is $250,000, which includes reinforcement of the steel spandrel beam, masonry reconstruction and replacement of coping stones.
Structural engineers found loose coping stones on the roof, meaning the MSPs' entrance chamber had to be shut as a precaution.
Severe weather led to more than 100m of safety railing being washed into the sea, along with coping stones that had been cemented into the pier itself.
additional work is to include removal and reinstallation of parapet wall coping stones, removal and replacement of existing roof drainage system and installation of new primary and secondary roof drains and associated piping, removal of skylights and removal and replacement of selected roof planks.
The workmen are seen in the foreground in the picture (top, right) laying the coping stones at one of the highest levels of the building.
I use this tool a lot especially for removing paint from coping stones.
QI HAVE a brick-built raised bed in my garden with white coping stones that are very pitted.
Gale pleaded guilty to stealing lead off the roof of the Royal Mail Sorting Office and causing damage to coping stones belonging to Royal Mail.
Additional project work includes the rebuilding of all parapet walls, the fabrication and installation of new custom windowsills and coping stones, and the installation of new, cap sheet roofing.
Leslie, 22, was using the hand-held saw to help his best pal, Joe Johnson, cut coping stones.
This has resulted in more than 50 metres of railings and the coping stones they were cemented into being washed away.