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brick that is laid sideways at the top of a wall


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Keywords: older adults, self-esteem, coping style, loneliness, mental health.
Coping style refers to the overt act an individual performs to manage external events after a cognitive process and evaluation (Ebata & Moos, 1991).
Our coping mechanisms, honed by coping skills, help us deal with the demands and challenges of life with diabetes.
Diabetes distress is defined as an emotional response characterized by extreme apprehension, discomfort or dejection, due to perceived inability in coping with the challenges and demands of living with diabetes.
The participants completed three questionnaires including; Pregnancy experience scale (PES-41), Ways of Coping Questionnaire (WCQ), and State-Trait anxiety inventory (SATI).
Although there was a positive and significant relationship between intensity of hassles and uplifts and ways of coping, the correlation between PSS and ways of coping was not significant.
Since people differ in the way they cope with stressful situations and, as not all coping strategies are equally effective, it is important to assess the types of coping strategies that individuals use to help them cope with stress.
Coping has often been assessed with standardized general scales, which assume that people use the same strategies to cope with stressful situations over time and across situations.
1995), availability of caregivers resources as well as coping skills (Biegel et al.
Problem-focused coping was the strategy used more often.
Purpose of the present study was to determine the relationship between self-care, coping strategies and quality of life of individuals with diabetes.
The current study purports to investigate the predictive association of coping strategies (i.
In response to the stress triggered by the onset or continued existence of a chronic impairment or disability, individuals may use various coping strategies [11].
Religious coping refers to the use of religious beliefs or practices to cope with stressful life situations (10).
Families may not consider how each family member's individual coping style meshes with the coping styles of other family members.