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a relief pilot on an airplane


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For medical and automotive molders that must adhere to a validated process, CoPilot performs automatic process audits, in place of periodic manual process checks to confirm that set-points on the press match what is on the setup sheet.
Along with the $130,000 in penalties, CoPilot has also has agreed to comply with New York's consumer protection and data security laws and to update relevant policies and procedures to ensure compliance with GBL Section 899-aa.
MIL CoPilot will streamline the whole MIL-based application development cycle, said Pierantonio Boriero, product line manager, Matrox Imaging.
In November 2014, the copilot consulted with "private physician A" and was placed on sick leave for a week.
The copilot and I discussed landing heavy, but we quickly determined that we might part a wire or break the hook point if we tried to land with the current fuel load.
Methinks the copilot was placed in a situation beyond his experience and abilities.
CoPilot Live Premium is available to purchase through Android Market for a seven-day introductory price of GBP14.
Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways celebrated the Hina Matsuri doll festival on Wednesday by running domestic flights operated mostly by female crew, including copilots and mechanics.
I have changed my flight safety rules to ensure that the youngsters, and other guests in the copilot seat, now hold their shoulder belt with both hands for takeoff and landing.
Just as the copilot turned the aircraft, they entered Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC).
Mobile phone giant T-Mobile has teamed up with US firm ALK Technologies to launch CoPilot Live - a new satellite navigation system based on two of its mobile handsets.
Reynolds Equipment Company's new CoPilot is a motorized air pressure regulator that provides precise control by converting a constant DC electrical signal to a variable pneumatic output.
For example, when Christine discovered that her copilot could not follow along, she asked the librarian for easier sets of books for her partner.