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1) New or refurbished Canon Imagerunner Advance C5240 color copier, or approved equal
Griffith installed a digital copier for Era last summer.
So, in addition to adopting proven strategies for reducing paper waste - duplexing, reducing copier image size, emailing inter-office memos or recycling - it makes sense to switch to paper that creates the smallest environmental impact.
If you have a lot of copying, it might be better to get a dedicated copier.
Because the image is in digital form, it can be stored easily on computer disks or other devices and recalled later for additional duplication or sent to another copier.
Tsuchiya's group found that unlike the distinct copier fingerprint in some offices, the composition of VOCs in each house and some office buildings was an individual affair, depending probably on building design, materials, contents and occupant lifestyle.
The Oce VarioPrint Book Copier is a versatile, user-friendly document generation solution equipped with a unique angled platen design to protect books and folded documents during copying.
Bid are invited for Copiers For Jefferson County Sheriffs Office
The University of California put its printing requirements out to bid in three separate Request For Proposals within the past two years: black-and-white digital copiers, printers and faxes, and office color copiers.
Lot 2 1 copier copying large volume black and, white
With Custom Solution, New Sharp Multifunctional Copiers Can Call For Service At the Touch of a Button
22% of shops whose primary VDP output device is a copier are doing full-color variable image, variable text jobs with 1-12 variable fields;
Power and Associates, based on survey responses from corporate decision makers, has ranked Panasonic copiers Number One in its 2006 Business Copier Customer Satisfaction Study, sweeping both the product and sales categories.
Today Global Graphics announced that it is taking its XPS technology development into a new phase with next generation initiatives for digital printer and copier manufacturers and commercial print workflows.
com/reports/c36910) has announced the addition of Western European Copier Service and Supply Market Forecast: 2004-2009 to their offering