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satisfy or fulfill

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The intense suffering of the first few days had become deadened for the three passengers who had eaten nothing, but the agony of the sailors was pitiful, as their weak and impoverished stomachs attempted to cope with the bits of leather with which they had filled them.
These goals may be achieved by carrying out activities to enhance the self-worth of the older adults, such as performing rich and varied religious activities regularly, and providing support and counseling for them to guide them to cope with difficulties more actively.
WCQ is a scale that identifies thoughts and actions that people use to cope with the stressful events counters of everyday living.
Since people differ in the way they cope with stressful situations and, as not all coping strategies are equally effective, it is important to assess the types of coping strategies that individuals use to help them cope with stress.
Hence, how individual cope with psychological burden of living with HIV/AIDS is an important dimension to explore in Pakistani culture.
costs of treatment and disability compensation), greater attention and understanding are needed regarding how individuals cope with tinnitus.
Religious coping refers to the use of religious beliefs or practices to cope with stressful life situations (10).
For example, the failure to cope with acute stresses in a sport contest is negatively reflected in the emotional, mental, and physical status of an individual (Dugsdale et al.
1 They face various challenges and have to cope with those stresses which happen due to their multiple roles.
Personal standards and fear of failure also affect how individuals cope with stress (Dixon, Lapsley, & Hanchon, 2004; Flett, Druckman, Hewitt, & Wekerle, 2012; Hill, Hall, & Appleton, 2010; Stoeber & Rennert, 2008).
Belding, Iguchi, Lamb, Lakin, and Terry (1996) assert that, drug dependence has been usually viewed as an unhealthy way to manage stress, by those who are unable to adopt healthier way to cope with stress.
Many individuals utilize religion and religious supports in order to cope with various life stressors.
Emotion-focused coping strategies, such as coming to terms with what has happened, reframing thoughts in a positive way, and using humor to cope with stressors, deal more with conveying emotions and changing expectations (Arthur, 1998; Cooper, Katona, & Livingston, 2008).
Individuals with lower EI are prone to poor physical and mental health and cannot cope with stressor (Batool 2011).
the degree to which one anticipates that one will have the necessary resources to cope with the stressor).