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a measuring instrument that measures the oxygen in arterial blood

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Reddy measured patients' carboxyhemoglobin, blood poisoned by CO, and methhemoglobin, blood transformed by other substances, such as nitrogen dioxide, with a pulse cooximeter.
865 cooximeter (East Walpole, MA) for hemoglobin, chloride, potassium, sodium, glucose, and ionized calcium.
We have greatly expanded Diametrics' product portfolio with IRMARSL, IDMS 3 and the AVOXimeter 4000 bedside cooximeter.
provided the 912 COoximeter for this work, and Radiometer America provided technical instructions for access to the OSM3 service program.
This is termed an "exactly determined" system [3] and has been implemented in the IL 482 COOximeter (Instrumentation Laboratory), the IL 282 (its predecessor), and the Radiometer OSM3 Hemoximeter[TM] (Radiometer, Copenhagen, Denmark).