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large river turtle of the southern United States and northern Mexico

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In this study, we evaluated the relationships between female size, clutch frequency, clutch size, and mean egg size per clutch in two emydine turtles, red-eared sliders and Texas river cooters (Pseudemys texana) inhabiting Spring Lake, Hays County, Texas.
Results--We collected eggs of 82 Texas river cooters and 24 red-eared sliders from 1 April to 7 May 2009.
Larger Texas river cooters produced larger clutch sizes ([F.
There was no relationship between plastron length and clutch frequency for Texas river cooters ([[chi square].
Previous studies on sliders and cooters reported positive relationships between female body size and all clutch parameters such as clutch size and egg size (Gibbons and Greene, 1990; Tucker et al.
On the other hand Aresco (2004), who studied reproductive outputs of red-eared sliders and Florida cooters living in the same habitat, found that both species increased egg size (width and length) and clutch size with maternal body size.
uk If you were planning Bond style escapades in the surf with the first Seas cooter you might have been disappointed at the 2 mph top speed.
Then I looked again--the "helmet" was a peninsula cooter, the most common of the many species of aquatic turtles found in Florida.
In a recent study at Reelfoot Lake in northwest Tennessee, researchers from the Tennessee Aquarium marked 4,000 turtles that are being harvested legally for the Chinese market-red-eared sliders, softshells, river cooters, painteds, maps and common snappers.
Once completed, it will be played alongside the 200-acre Cooters Pond with most holes bordering the water.
Morphometric analysis and taxonomy of cooter and red-bellied turtles in the North American genus Pseudemys (Emydidae).
Red-bellied cooters are the second-largest turtle in Massachusetts, after the snapping turtle.
The range of the northern red-bellied cooters, named for their coral-red underbellies, has expanded beyond Plymouth to include Carver, Lakeville and Middleboro.
Northern red-bellied cooters are often confused with painted turtles, which are common throughout Massachusetts.
For more information on the northern red-bellied cooters head-starting program, call (508) 389-6300.