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large river turtle of the southern United States and northern Mexico

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Ambassador Christopher John Cooter presented his credentials to President Ilham Aliyev.
See Claire Herrick, "The Conquest of the Silent Foe': British and American Military Medical Reform Rhetoric and the Russo-Japanese War," in Medicine and Modern Warfare, edited by Roger Cooter, Mark Harrison, and Steve Sturdy, 99-130 (Atlanta: Rodopi, 1999).
Cooter and Ulen (Chapters 4 and 5), eloquently describe, along with their own, the contributions of Coase (1960), Hobbes (2012) and CalabresiMelamed (1972) that serve as fundamental guiding principles in a society's continuous effort to improve and establish legal rules that relate to property:
See Robert Cooter & Thomas Ulen, Law & Economics 253 (6th ed.
And, according to Mr Cooter, Irish 'blacklegging' in the local coal industry, for which local workers were more plentiful, was rare as it was opposed by the Irish themselves here.
While the red-eared slider is among the most-studied species in North America (Gibbons, 1990), with known variation in reproductive output among different populations, little is known about the reproductive demography of the Texas river cooter.
109) See Cooter & Rubin, supra note 108, at 66-67 (illustrating how financial institutions handle the costs imposed upon them by outside forces such as the legal system's risk allocation and fraudulent transactions performed by criminals).
Kathleen Spencer Cooter is a professor of Special Education at Bellarmine University.
DETROIT LIONS -- Named Jim Bob Cooter quarterbacks coach.
Robert Cooter and Neil Siegel have developed arguments parallel to Balkin's in favor of broad Article I power in a "structural and consequentialist" register.
Chris Cooter, President Jonathan also welcomed the strengthening of bilateral cooperation between the two countries in other areas such as education, electoral reform and polio eradication.
The female Texas cooter arrived on June 18 and is on display at the zoo's Friedrich Aquarium.
The female Texas cooter arrived at the zoo on June 18 and will go on display today at the attraction's Friedrich Aquarium.
chrysemydis has been reported from the eastern river cooter (Pseudemys concinna), common map turtle (Graptemys geographica), and slider (T.
Professor Robert Cooter suggests that formal courts do so by engaging in "structural adjudication," (52) a practice of enforcing only those norms that arise as a result of long-run relationships, have minimal externalities, and when there is not another approach that is clearly superior.